Windows 7 Without Disc Burning?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by x Freedom x, Jan 10, 2009 with 1 replies and 193 views.

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    How can I install Windows 7 without having to burn it to a disc, I know there is a way how but I need some sort of tutorial on how to.

    My DVD drive just recently broke so ya..

  2. Ibdc

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    Improvise where ever you need to. Once you have it installed, open my computer, right click CD Drive (D:\) and hit explore or open (don't just single click it, that autoplays it) and then look for vBoxWindowsAdditons.exe or something similar to that, right click it>properties>compatibility, run this program in compatibility for windows vista, hit ok. Run the program, itll go through the installer if it warns you about unsigned drivers just hit ok, it'll be fine. You'll need to restart afterward, but then you'll get a bunch of new features, and most imporantly internet access.
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