PC WillowTree# Problems: ¿Que pasö, dude?

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    It's been a while since I played Borderlands, which is what I use WillowTree for, but I've noticed a few problems that I'm having playing Borderlands on Steam (and editing saves and loading those edited saves):
    1. There's an Export to XML feature, which would be great except for one teeny tiny little thing: There's no Import from XML function reciprocating that "useful" feature! You can export the data, but you can't use the exported data.
    2. Maybe this isn't really directly related to WillowTree; maybe it's due to a Steam update designed to curtail the use of WillowTree and like editors: Any data I put into the bank vanishes when Borderlands loads. I noticed that a Steam achievement for selling fifty guns had not registered, so I copied a bunch of guns into my bank, and when I got to the Underdome, my bank was empty.

    Exporting every single backpack item I have to discrete (individual) files is a real pain in the backside, and takes for-bloody-ever (I've done it before, but lost that backup set). I haven't lost any items or weapons doing this because I just restored a WillowTree BAK file.

    >Sigh!< Guess I have to get started recreating those text files.


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