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Hello. Im new to xbox360 moding and stuff, and just recently find out i can play burned backup games (wasnt playng x360 alot, only few games). So in beginer FAQ section i find out i would need a VIA VT6421A IDE & SATA RAID PCI Controller Card (because i opened my x360 and find out its Samsung m28). So my question would be,would this PCI card work on my motherboard? my motherboard is (prety friging old) ''ECS P4IBASD 1.0''
its has PCI slots, but im only not sure about those pins or something at a bottom of PCI card. On my board pci slot has 1 ''cut'' or how to say that, and when i look at this card VIA VT6421A IDE & SATA RAID PCI Controller Card it has 2 cuts at a bottom. So im wondering if i can just put it and it would work or i have to look for some other card like this maybe 3 SATA/S-ATA +1 IDE 4in1 PCI Controller KARTE VIA 6421A bei eBay.de: S-ATA (endet 10.11.09 20:30:32 MEZ) cos it has 1 cut at a bottom. Thank you
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