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Will be Metro Exodus basically Much Cry and Fallout mixed?


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Curreny i buy Metro Exodus game key from SCDKEY.com and play a few days ,I would say it can probably a Russian version of Fallout if After effects started out immediately as a first person present shooter. It has similar styles and it is obviously about post apocalyptic survival. It's way more linear than After effects, and more centered on story through voice overs instead than actual dialogue. Yet yeah it's much like After effects.

But I would not condition the Metro series will certainly be anything like this particular combination. We haven't observed anything regarding Exodus, therefore maybe this has the crafting program, and this has this huge graph you free roam inside, but which is not really exactly how the past 2 had been. It's nothing like Far Cry in that sense. And I wouldn't say through a story based perspective it is either.
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