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Homebrew [Wii] How to update your softmodded Wii for best game compatibility

Discussion in 'Wii & Wii U Modding' started by AzzidReign, Sep 17, 2018 with 3 replies and 4,677 views.

  1. AzzidReign

    AzzidReign Send $100k USD to my paypal for mods. Not joking. Administrator

    How to update your softmodded Wii to the most current IOS's
    This guide will show you how to make sure you have all the current IOS patches. For those loading games from their USB device, this will help with game compatibility ensuring that you no longer get black screens.

    • A softmodded Wii
    • ModMii [v6.4.8] - as of writing this, this is the most current program for it. Seeing as the official ModMii site and other source forge links didn't work for me, the creator (XFlak - super friendly guy!) pointed me specifically to this zip file. I have a hard time thinking this will be updated again so it should be safe to say this version is all you need.
    • Priiloader - While I read that ModMii takes care of it, it didn't for me. Here's the download for the most recent (download link on the right).
      • You will also need the hacks_hash.ini here. Match the version to your Wii and move it to your apps/priiloader folder.
    • SysCheck - You will need this to determine what needs updating.
    • SD Card - you should already have this from when you modded your Wii. Just regular SD card [this one should work if you don't have one yet].
    Running a system Check
    1. Go to your HBC > SysCheck HDE.
    2. Click A to continue and it will scan the system.
    3. Once it is finished, shut down your Wii and remove the SD card to load onto your computer
    Use ModMii to get all your updated IOS's
    1. Extract the zip file from the downloads above. Side note: The creator said if you are having troubles, try running the exe without extracting the zip.
    2. Open up your SD card. Inside the root of the card, you should see "sysCheck.csv".
    3. Drag sysCheck.csv and put it on the ModMii.exe (not ModMiiSkin.exe).
    4. ModMii should now launch. It may tell you to type "I agree" and hit enter
      1. If you drag the file, I don't think it will ask but if you launch without dragging the file, it will ask you to type that and then the next menu type "SU", hit enter. You can now either drag the csv file over to the ModMii window or type in the location of the sysCheck.csv
    5. You will now see a list of IOS's and wads that need updating. Type "Y" and click enter.
    6. ModMii will now download all the files that you need and store them in a folder called COPY_TO_SD. Once it is done downloading, copy all those files to the root of your SD card.
    7. Safely eject your SD card and return it to your Wii and boot up the Wii.
    Updating your system to the most current IOS's
    1. When you typed "Y" to download the IOS's, it should also pop up a CUSTOM guide to follow. So just follow it and you will be golden. But I'll outline a few steps for clarification.
    2. Go to HBC > Multi Mod Manager
    3. Make sure MMM has IOS236 loaded. If it's not currently on IOS236, change it.
    4. Scroll down to WAD Manager and click it.
    5. Scroll to your WAD folder if it isn't already up.
    6. Hold the "+" button for 2 seconds to select all. Once selected, press A.
    7. It will now install all the proper IOS's for you. When you are finished, click A to continue and when you are back to the WAD folder, scroll down through it to make sure there aren't any WADs that are still marked for install. If there are, then run the installer again (by pressing A).
    8. Go back to the HBC once the WADs are finished.
    9. Press the "Home" button on your Wiimote. In the upper left hand corner, it should show the version of the HBC you are on and what IOS it is running from. If it isn't running for IOS58 or on version 1.1.2, continue on to the next step.
    10. To update the HBC, go to HackMii Installer in the HBC.
    11. Click continue.
    12. Click Uninstall.
    13. Then it will bring you back to a menu where only "Install HBC" is available. Click that.
    14. When it is done, go back to the HBC and click Priiloader installer.
    15. Read the warning and understand that you may ruin your Wii with this. If you agree, press the "+" button.
    16. ???
    17. Profit
    Pro tip: Next time you go to turn on the Wii, press the power button and shortly after hold the reset button. This will bring up your Priiloader menu. From here, you can go to System Hacks, scroll through that and change any settings that you see fit. This is what I've done:
    (see wut I did thur?)

    You are now fully up to date with your softmodded Wii. You should be able to play just about any game now (I haven't come across a game that didn't play after I did this guide - this fixed my Super Smash Bros Brawl issue I was having). If you haven't followed my Play Wii and GameCube Games from a USB Device, check that out now. If you run into any black screen issues with a game, that guide will let you know how to go about fixing that.

    Enjoy the fact that you now have a fully update softmodded Wii with the maximum compatibility for games!
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    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  2. OP

    AzzidReign Send $100k USD to my paypal for mods. Not joking. Administrator

    Added information on Priiloader. It's suppose to be checked by syscheck and then modmii is suppose to update it. In my case it did not so I have added steps to manually update it. I did run into issues but if you follow my links and instructions, you won't run into any. My time wasted is your time gained.
  3. Rincewindwiz

    Rincewindwiz Newbie

    I'm really sorry but I just cant get started with this. Its 7+ years or so since I modded my wii and I've forgotten the little I knew then:frown:

    So I finally worked out that I need to copy the SysCheckHDE folder to the apps folder on the SD card
    Boot the wii
    select SD card
    goto apps->SyscheckHDE and then what?
    When I try to start boot.dol I simply get 'Failed to boot the selected file'

    So I moved Hacks_ini over to the SD card. It was smaller and older (2010) than the 'existing one' (2011)
    Hacks_ini for menu 4.1 wne to the apps\priloader folder
    But what do I do with priloader? The download seems to be an install file and I have no idea how to install it!

    Anyway, please can I have some further detail on the instructions at a level that is suitable for someon who can barely spell wii!

  4. OP

    AzzidReign Send $100k USD to my paypal for mods. Not joking. Administrator

    Were you in the Homebrew Channel?
    It should pop up with a menu for you to press A to continue and it will scan. My steps were step by step...as I was going through the process I was writing the guide.
    The ones in this thread should work as they are the ones I used.
    You have to run the Priiloader installer from the HBC like in my instructions:

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