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I find it pretty funny that people think MW2 is the best game. I'm not hating on MW2 whatsoever but NOT it's most well-made game in the series. A lot of the "faults" found in other games are found originally in the "best game ever" including but NOT limited to:

Fast Time-to-Kill one of the reasons people hated Cod Ghosts, but it was WORSE in MW2. All the ARs have (with stopping power) at Maximum, 3 shot kills, 4 at the most. In many cases, 2 shot kills were eminent.

Weapons failed to be balanced whatsoever UMP45 played the same role as the MSMC in BO2, MTAR-X/Vector in Ghosts, and ASM1 in AW, and was even more OP due to strafe speed found in it.

Overpowered Explosives Not limited to the Grenade Launcher... Scavenger guaranteed you both primary and secondary equipment, which is something people complained about in BO2, yet was WORSE in MW2.

Uncontrollable Flinching So IW decided to introduce this extreme system of flinching when shot, but there was no way to counter it. So basically, gunbattles depended on a little bit of connection, but were essentially random.

Modded Lobbies destroyed the value of the game in it's entirety. Being the first game to introduce titles & emblems, it was almost overwhelming. Of course, the value of these titles/emblems were ruined once people started getting into lobbies, etc.

****** Patches from IW They patched the ability to run 1.05x faster with a care package, but didn't think to turn down the damage on grenade launchers? Or even insert a delay before being able to kill the whole enemy team? Don't say they took skill, or that it even took skill to get spawn kills with the grenade launcher, since there were endless tutorials on YT to do it.

Again, awful attempt at balancing the perks in MW2 were ridiculously unbalanced. Commando should have never been put into the game, in fact, it would have a perfect time to bring in a standalone knife like found in BO2, and gave it the good lunge. Sitrep pro allowed you to hear every single person, regardless of whether the enemies were running Ninja Pro or not. I will not complain about how overpowered Stopping Power is in MW2 since it wasn't, but it never should have been introduced.

I'm aware people are going to disagree with me. I'm aware some of these points, maybe 5-10% of them, are subjective. The point of me making this topic is NOT to hate on MW2. I'm glad MW2 carried the COD series to the point where it's at now. The purpose of me creating this topic is to address the HYPOCRITES that hate on other COD games for reasons that aren't even proprietary to that game! (example: Fast TTK in Cod Ghosts, OP C4 in Black Ops II b/c of scavenger, guns being unbalanced in Ghosts, BO2, AW, etc.) You people claim that MW2 is the best game in the series. Sure, you're allowed to have your own opinion, but the validity you assume your opinion has is dis-claimed in this topic.


On TTG my name is TH9, thanks for understanding, and if you find this topic on there, lol.


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I understand some of your points and completely agree with you but how does scavenger ruin a game. Some other stuff you mentioned or failed to mention took me for a What!!!! but I am lost the most on why scavenger ruin the game. Scavenger made you move slower which balances the ability to replenish your ammo in the guns that you are currently holding. You have to go get scavenger packs to replenish your ammo which put you at risk of dying. In my opinion, that balances out completely.

I am only going to touch on a few!!

The stuff I feel you completely disregarded for example the hitbox for an intervention. ' this give me the view that you were a sniper' The whole thing of quick scoping blows my mind. How can you zoom in on a black scope that you can't even see the enemy hints the name blackscope to get a one shot kill. I have seen some bs shots hit with this gun. One shot kill in the ankle or a panic turn around no scope 50 ft away one shot kill. The fact that you can drag it across the area of an enemy while being shot and guarantee a kill is crazy.

ONE MAN ARMY (a toober best friend). I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE AT THE TOP OF YOUR LIST IF YOU REALLY HATE SCAVENGER. You don't even have to work for ammo . At least with scavenger you have to go get a scavenger bag. That tells me that you were probably a trick shotter who rushed around to kill everybody then stunned and flashed the last guy for a cool killcam with a sniper rifle or a serious camper. No danger or risk included with this perk.

I agree with you on a lot of the things but the scavenger issue is wild! If i misunderstood your issue with scavenger then please make me a believer


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Modern Warfare 2. <3


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When people talk smack because they don't understand how to counter everything.

Learn to become quicker as 3 of your points would be invalid if you where to become better/quicker.
Commando is a brilliant perk, No falling damage and knife lunge is worth it. Without having this perk you can lunge but not from 3 feet away like other call of dutys.

OMA/Explosives, Everyone uses them and you can't tell me different. People rush in other games, People tube from spawn. Its your game play it how you want.

These kind of threads really get to me because there is just no need, You brought the game.. You are terrible at the game so you rage and make stupid invalid points because you have incountered some issues. If you don't like it snap your disc and go back to playing viva pinata.

I have 140 Days played on MW2 which is getting higher and higher every week, This game was the first game i owned on my own 360 and it will be the last. I have had the same disc for 6 years.

TDLR: go away.


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The problem is with players who suck at the game. "WEAPONS ARE TOO OVER POWERED"."EXPLOSIVES ARE TO OVER POWERED". "THIS IS TO OVER POWERED AND THAT IS TO OVER POWERED". BOOOO HOOOO. Infinity and Treyark spent to much time listening to these cry babies and games released after MW2 have been DUMB DOWN for all these whiners. Now were stuck with weapons that take an entire clip to kill someone and explosives that hit like pillows. Have any of you whiners seen what a bullet or an explosive can do in real life?!?! I use to enjoy first person shooters that gave you a close to real feeling of combat. Now COD is just a big mess. Activision should make a FPS were everyone hits each other with a stick. That'll make these crybabies happy until one of them starts complaining that these sticks are to overpowered.


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if u don't like mw2 just don't play it period!!!


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Modern Warfare 2 is nice, defiantly not the best of the Call of Duty series though. (CoD4, duhh)

The only thing really wrong with MW2 is the noob tubes, i'm cool with everything else. :3


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I disagree you're on a modding site saying that's a negative thing. Love modding, love the game, and doesn't matter what class you have it's skill that matters, that's as balanced as it gets.


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Mw2 is my all time favorite game to mod, and Tu6 was great, too bad I can't use tu6 menus online..
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