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Support Why Mod Menus Are Sometimes Disabled.

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I would like to preface this by stating the following information is pertinent for any game of which you own a menu/cheat for. This includes GTA and COD titles.

When you purchase a mod menu for the first time it can be exciting.
One thing you may not know when you are starting out using mods/cheats is they are usually taken down for a undetermined amount of time so that they may be updated.
Sometimes there is no warning.
Generally this coincides with a couple of scenarios:
  • The game itself has been updated.
    • This includes DLCs and any other updates outside of a tuneables update.
  • There have been bans or resets.
    • A responsible Dev will take their menu down to get to the bottom of why users are having this issue.
  • The worst case scenario would be that the devs of the menu have been served a “Cease and desist” letter (C&D).
    • This means that the company that owns the particular game has begun legal action against the devs of the mod menu. They will not likely come back from this and you can expect the menu to be down permanently when this happens.
The reasons behind the menu coming down is to protect users and Devs alike.
There is never a predetermined amount of time you can expect the menu to be up and running.
It can be frustrating but it’s best to have patience.
Multiple Devs also shut down their support or their offsite communication because the traffic of people asking when the menu will be up is too overwhelming.

In addition we do like to help members on this website but are in no way affiliated with the Devs of any Mod menu.
If you see a menu advertised here it’s because they pay to do so.
If you are having issues with their service please contact them via their thread or their service/help desk first rather than posting in support or reporting the thread/user.

Just a friendly reminder for those who already know this and some new knowledge for those who don’t.

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