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Unsolved why can't I copy certain files form a game cd over to my modded xbox?



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I have a modded trinity, and I'm trying to copy over all of the games I have, but so far every single game I've tried stops copying the files and pulls up the message "an error occurred while copying the selected files" and I've looked through all of the files and there's always 2-3 random files that don't get copied over, I've even tried only copying those files and the xbox refuses to copy those files over specifically, does anyone have a fix for this?
I've tried starting the game without these files, but it either just freezes, or pops up a messages saying something about a fatal error, but it goes away to fast to read the hole thing
I don't know yet if this applies to games where I've downloaded the iso form online ,because I haven't tried that yet. but so far the only games I've been able to play were from the cd
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