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Well I give up, so far I haven't had to ask any help for my mod but I have been trying to do this for days man so f*** it, if anyone has any ideas for fixing third person view please post them. When I switch to third person view any weapons that don't fire normal bullets continue to fire in the direction I was pointing when I changed my view. There must be another dvar that controls aiming in third person for those weapons but I don't know it, or maybe there isn't since third person was never meant to be used in tandem with shooting. I was thinking maybe using a wait command in between cg_thirdPerson 0 and cg_thirdPerson 1 so it switches camera view for a tiny insignificant fraction of a second, but the wait command isn't doing the trick. Is it cheat protected or patched? And if it is, surely there are other commands I can use to produce a delay? I use ping in the dos all the time for that sort of thing, something similar must be possible here too. Any ideas? I'll give credit on YouTube in my next release if someone can provide a solution.
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