Support Why are Yokai Watch fans like Jenova's Witnesses?

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS' started by GravitySkye, Jun 21, 2016 with 0 replies and 133 views.

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    I swear to god I make a pokemon tweet and they jump on me saying Oh Yokai is better blah Switch to Yokai Blah. I tried Yokai and I do like the anime. It is cute and charming. But the game is so dull. It is the first time I ever saw fans work so hard to convert people. I love series myself but never do I go out of my way to make others like it. I see Yokai fans pretty much bug people so much to play it they get blocked. I see that as making people not want to try it since they will see the fanbase as just bad and get turned off/ Idk just seems weird to me

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