Which non-host mods work?

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    I've been wondering what kind of mods work on LAN games (like XBC and Xlink Kai) when you are not the host of the game.
    Here are a few that I know that work and that don't work:

    Those that do work:

    Flying Bipd
    Wall Walker
    Barrier Remover
    Vehicle Movement (ex. flying warthog)
    Speed and Jump height mods
    Rapid Weapon Fire
    Melee Force (only when set to high numbers)
    Jet Pack mod

    Those that don't:

    Death Barrier Remover
    Projectile Swaps
    Ammunition Mods
    Ammunition Clip Mods
    Modded Teleporters

    There are several things I want to mod but am unsure whether they will work or not while I'm not host. Just a few of them would be: Rapid Melee, Rapid Sword Slashing and Increasing the distance required to hit someone with a melee attack or sword dash (ex. instead of needing to be 2 feet away from your target to melee them, I could set it to six feet and melee someone from 6 feet away). Which these things possible while you aren't host? If yes, could you tell me under which tags to edit them? Thanks.

    For everyone reading this, go ahead and post the things you know that will and won't work while you are in a LAN game and you are not the host.

    Thanks Everyone! :biggrin:

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