What you guys think of the 360 now?

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  1. BhajiPav

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    I would like to know what do you guy's think of the xbox 360 now? Also all the call of duty games, do you still enjoy playing on it, do you still enjoy cod? Do you think everything has gone to crap now?

    I use to love playing on the 360, I'd get home and go straight on call of duty world at war after school from 5pm till 1-2am sometimes on a school night. It'd be so amazing and fun I'd try and prestige almost every two nights. It was so much fun when world at war came out, But then mods came involved; Don't get me wrong I love modding but it got boring and ended up ruining all games and made them less enjoyable. I wish there was a button we could just press to go back to those times, how lame it may sound but It was the most enjoyable time of my life on the 360.

    What is your opinion? I'd like to know, Let's try and keep this thread going of peoples opinions......
    Thank you ...
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  2. schitzotm

    schitzotm Contributor

    Lol, I remember the original nes.
    (Not quite old enough for when atari came out but I had one of those too)
    World at war call of duty. Yep, good times. Infinite grenade launch lobbies were the best. (Noob tube)
    I stil have four xbox 360s retail and two not so retail. One is a day one console with jtag and the other is a corona v2. (And a 7th with a winchester board and a still current attempted modification all in pieces)
    I still get online from time to time on my 360. (Not very often and my kids dont even touch theirs anymore)
    I dont usually see cheaters in lobbies like everyone claims to see everywhere.
    But like I said I dont get on very often anymore. All of my friends have moved to xbox one or ps4.
    Just like any other old console the xbox 360 is almost dead.
    World at war cod was probably my favorite call of duty.
    I had that game for xb360, ps3, and wii. I had more hours logged for world at war than I currently have on gtav. And Ive had gta since release.
    In my opinion world at war was the only good call of duty.
    Anyway, I could go on forever on that game. So yeah, great times indeed. I think I will play world at war this weekend.
    I really miss the original halo though. That was for the original xbox. My brothers and I had ethernet cables running between our rooms so we could network play. Those were fun times.
  3. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️Rook..Raggy a Kroo☠️ Staff

    I have owned every console since Pong!
    In my teens I used to game on arcade machines and spend every Quarter in sight!!! Street Fighter II is and forever will be one of my favorite games:whistle:
    I even still have a Vectrex...
    If you guys even know what that is:roflmao:
    I would have to say though Nintendo has been one of my all time favorite platforms:smile:
    I had my day one Original Xbox up until 2014 when I donated it to the Salvation Army:smile:
    360 and PS3 were great:smile:
    It definitely brought forth the
    Birth of real online gaming.
    Then I bought Xbox one :whistle:
    Since then it (360) has pretty much
    Sat dormant since Rockstar
    Took away the account transfer abilities :cry:
    So once in a great while if I want to unlock “returning player” bonuses
    I fire it up and log in:wink:
    I haven’t really ever been big on COD.
    I would say I’m a bigger fan of Halo and GTA!
    Sure I like gun battles but modding cars and creating jobs on GTA is something that catches my interests much more:tongue:
    Being a true OG gamer I have to say my best days of gaming are still ahead of me!
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  4. vagg_

    vagg_ Newbie

    We have had some good times with 360 but its time has passed tbh..
  5. Milo999

    Milo999 Newbie

    I still really enjoy Xbox 360 games, I'm more of a handheld gamer(PSP, 3DS) and I usually buy a system a few years after launch. But I really like most Xbox games, and will be playing them for a long time to come.
  6. xXBeefyDjXx

    xXBeefyDjXx Long time Sinner

    I often reminisce on the times as a kid where XBL was booming, especially the COD days, as well as Forza and so many more unforgettable games.
    I've always loved the Xbox, and was gutted when I finally laid my hands on an original xbox only to realise the live was discontinued literally a month prior!
    My first modified one (A beautiful Trinity 250GB custom cased dual nand RGH) was purely so I could get mods, me and my friends used to laugh so hard in the lobbies I hosted privately.
    I knew first hand how it felt to have games ruined by in your face modders who often deranked, and ruined games with so many gravity and speed mods it was unplayable, so I often kept it in private matches.
    I quickly learned also that using the same alias as your gamertag on forums such as this led to some funny situations, such as people harassing you for mods because they saw pics or you talking about owning a JTAG/RGH, to people bowing to you like a god, to kids screaming in voice messages, and at one stage so many salty reports against my legit gamertag (Now 10 years strong) got banned 3 times, once for having "Gay" in the bio (Remember when that was against the terms of service!?), second for joining the loading screen of a hoster to verify then leaving, and thirdly for an unknown reason that, typical xbox, refused to disclose.

    When people said be careful with gamertags on forums because you were often watched or snitched on, there was no doubt about it...

    I've owned a good 10+ xboxes, of which my first was an arcade 256MB, second was also a arcade jasper, then I got an Elite Jasper 250GB on the cheap, Sold those and went to PS3, got bored because it was never the same without Party Chat, Got another Jasper, then the RGH, Sold those and went to PC, got another Corona V2 RGH, Brought my Sister a Corona V4 and RGHed that, Got myself another Jasper (Did it myself, RGH) and a Trinity which I turned for a profit.

    I often used to own PS1/2/3, Nintendo Game Boy, DS, 3DS, Wii and Switch, so many I lose count.

    Now, I'm beginning to miss those games and so have so far got a Crystal Xbox original, Modified that and stuck RGB Strips in it (Removed the RF Shielding), 2TB Hard drive with the entire A-Z Library of Xbox games + DLC, and CoinOPSm I own an xbox one, and a Wii with a 4TB Softmod for that library of games.

    I plan on getting another 2 Xbox 360s, one so I can achievement hunt the old games I never completed, and a RGH to build up the complete library of games A-Z + DLC on that too.

    Digital collections are my Go-To now, It's handy having everything in one place, but not so handy having to keep a backup of some 10TB+ games when storage simply isn't cheap at that stage :tongue:
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  7. Jeash

    Jeash Enthusiast

    Long live Xbox 360!
  8. H Y X

    H Y X RGH and CFW hoster Premium

    I think with the homebew scene and such on the 360 that it will live on for a long while. I personally still launch some of my RGH consoles up time and time again just to play some Xbox Original titles or just mess around with some menus on CoD but don't really touch online much anymore.
  9. Potato Pooper


    I love playing on the 360! Good times were on this console.
  10. kingrun2

    kingrun2 Newbie

    I use mine as an exclusive a kinect/karaoke party box, I have all the good kinect games from sports games to every just dance and dance central with all dlc. Have karaoke mics with all karaoke games like Lips with 500+ songs. So it is still chugging and is a blast at parties. Don't use it for anything else though since I have other newer consoles.
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