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While I applaud Project Aces for trying something new and trying to take the series in a new direction, as a fan of the Ace Combat series(favorite being Zero:Belkan War), I think it wasn't as good as it could have been. I think that if they would have stuck to their roots and focused on just the airplanes part(I thought that the helicopter/gunner parts were ok but I don't play Ace Combat to use a helicopter or have a CoD sequence....i.e the helicopter gunner part) I think the game would have been awesome. DFM was a nice addition but they have to refine it a bit. I am really pissed they took away the airplane marketplace(where you can buy airplanes to use in campaign) and they only let you use pre-selected list a planes to use( As far as I know) they also took away the missions where you have to fly in a narrow corridor to destroy a little object or the missions where you have to destroy a fortress or something big

If I would rank Ace Combat: Assault Horizon with the other Ace Combats I have played( I have played 4,5,Zero,6 and now Assault Horizon) I would rank it last (even behind 6, the Chandelier mission saved that game imho)because they changed a bit too much. I feel as though they were trying to make the game more appealing to other people while not trying to make the fans they already have happy. Hopefully Project Aces would only count this as a spin-off to the series make a proper Ace Combat game next time.

What does everyone else think about it?
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