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Solved What do I need for Flashing?



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I have been serching strenuously for an exact list of what I need to flash a benq drive, but was unable to find one. Please tell me what I need to do it.

Do I need a CK3? If so, probe 1,2,or 3? Do I need the Blaster?
Do I need a Via card? or a Via Chipset? Do I just need a sata connection?
Do I need an alternative power source besides the 360? Why, and what would it be?

Please help,thanks. :? :cursing: :bored:


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for a benq you don't need a probe. you can use a ck3 pro rev D or a ck3 Lite to power your drive as far as a sata chip set you can either use the x360usb pro or a via VT6421A chipset. and the latest version of jungle flasher www.jungleflasher.net (available from their website or from xbins) you can get a via chipset and ck3 lite from various modding websites for around 40-50 shipped depending on what versions you order. if you decide to you use your xbox to power your drive while flashing it is suspected that the xbox will log that there is no dvd drive in the unit and it may tell M$. so just as a precaution i always use a ck3 pro. check out this website under their firmware section for all the tools you will need. www.xconsoles.com they have reasonable prices.

hope this starts you in the right direction.
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