Solved What can I do to fix this modded class mod?

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    I have recently decided to add the 'Blue Legendary Class Mods' (found in 'Sparfire's albums', obviously, in regards to Bordlerlands 2) for my Salvador on Xbox 360. I have managed to use the Legendary Gunzerker, Legendary Hoarder and Legendary Titan class mods, despite the fact that I do not have the UVHM Upgrade Pack 2 on my console -- I only have the first one -- by changing the balance to that of the Weapon Slot SDU, however, the items are usable, yet they disappear whenever I place them into my character's bank, even without Save-Quitting. I am, obviously, aware of the 'Sanity Check' as it is, but it does not apply in a session-in-progress, only on 'start-up', so I am confused as to why they are disappearing. Is there perhaps another balance value I could use (that is not from the UVHM Upgrade Pack 2) in order to allow them to stay within my bank after placing them back in after use, even without saving-quitting?

    Thank you.
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    the set holds the DLC part it requires the balance to make it DLC so you will need the DLC to use it. The balance has to go up or down look for the thread James reborn posted how to keep hybrids (stick) [it is the same idea just for grenades and relics]. The codes posted are not hybrids so they will stay in your inventory. The bank was patched in 2014 they will disappear no matter where you put them.

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