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  1. Tankzz

    Tankzz "Innocent Fluffy Bunny Rabbit Killer" Retired

    Same rules as BUY/SELL/TRADE apply:


    No porn/weapons/virtual items/etc...
    The links posted are to be serious and relevant to the interests of the user base. If you post something that clearly isn't, it shall be removed by a moderator.

    When your auction has concluded, report the thread to be closed. If your thread has been closed it is because the auction was reported over. If for any reason you need it unlocked, report the thread and a moderator will get to it as soon as possible.

    That being said have fun, post links to your sales and to cool/relevant sales.

    Edit: They don't have to be your sales to post them here, but again post something that is porn/weapon/etc related and I will personally remove you as I am not in the joking or funny mood here. You know what would qualify as a relevant post here and if you choose to act childish and abuse the section I will just remove you.

    That being said have fun those of you who choose to use this for the intended purposes.
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  2. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Young Moolah Baby VIP Retired

    Just like to add that posting items that you have socially engineered is not a good idea. Not only will you be getting in trouble on the site, but you are opening yourself to a whole new meaning of an *** whooping in the real world.

    In other words, you could face criminal charges, so think before you act.
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