Speculation Weird cougar behaviour.

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    OK first off don't go mad if I have put this in the wrong place
    But this is a sort of exploit/glitch/bug I just see when hunting cougars

    I was on my horse and I was in middle of a cactus patch and the cougar wouldn't jump for me and my horse wouldnt kick me off.
    The cougar just kept circling me and my horse wasnt getting too spooked by it.
    My horse kept making panicking noises and the cougar just kept growling and circling like it knew not to jump in cactus patch

    I'm confused if it was just that patch or does he game's Ai tell the cougars that cactus hurts.
    I've never took damage from cactus just my controler vibrates a lot.

    Any one else experience this or have any other knowledge?

    I'm trying other areas now.

    Just checked again in another small cactus patch.
    And the cougar again just circles me. I'm up near cholla letter o.

    It's strange as the horse doesn't move or buck. And the cougar gets right up close but won't jump just gets ready to ounce but nothing else.

    Perfect headshot everytime
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