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Unsolved Weapon bribe Glitch - is it real?


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I've seen a few videos off triple play/weapon bribe glitch and I'm curious to know if it's real or fake as there has been mixed comments that make me question it.
The method that was given seems to sounds okay tho
Finish triple play and close game.
go to setting's and go to hover over disconnect network and double tap ps button to return to game. (Restart black ops 3 after 1st step)
So you now have ability to double tap ps button from black ops so once you hit weapon bribe and it is about to show you the weapon (there's a flash) you double tap ps button and then disconnect WiFi but the guy says then close and and go into black ops and go to recent's to see what gun you got and you should have weapon bribe still there then close game and repeat to get more guns.
Basicly is that a real method and if so I guess you would need to reconnect WiFi when back on black ops to check recent on black market
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