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Solved Was I hacked on GTA 5 online (ps4)? Your advice is appreciated.



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So someone recently requested I helped them glitch on GTA 5 online, I didn't know this person but I innocently thought, why not help someone out. They invited me into a custom mission and asked me to press right on the D pad. The mission ended and I never heard from them again.

But since then I've been having a sorts of issues with the game often not loading properly or crashing and strangely on my network settings last night my upload rate was about 5 times stronger than my download rate.

What is your advice? Am I being paranoid? Do I need to delete and reinstall gta 5? do I need to delete my save files? Do I need to reformat my ps4?


Navy Davey

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You were not hacked.
Simply joining someone in a custom job would not make you susceptible to being hacked.

Your upload/download speed is dependent on your internet speed and determined by your internet service provider(ISP).
A spike in upload speed is inconsequential.

If you had messaged this user on PlayStation it would potentially be possible that they were able to obtain your IP address.
That could make it possible for them to DDoS you.
If you were DDoS’ed you would not be able to use the internet on any device on your network.

I suspect this is not the case for you.
You don’t need to worry and it’s probably something that will pass if you are having issues with GTA.
It is a very buggy game.
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