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Working Warzone Bunkers Opening In Warm-up



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I found this glitch many days ago and now i want to share it with everyone. So, when warming up starts you can open bunkers which needed code to open in warming up. Just simple steps.
1. Go to any bunker you find most nearby of you
2. Access the code panel
3. Hold X/Square same time when warming up going to end.
4. Then you should see code panel on your screen and you can type the code right to it.
5. Codes are found from youtube but i can give to you here:
- Park: 6-0-2-7-4-5-1-3
- North West Boneyard: 8-7-6-2-4-8-5-1
- South West Boneyard: 9-7-2-6-4-1-3-8
- TV Station: 2-7-4-9-5-8-1-0
- Prison: 7-2-9-4-8-5-3-1
- Farmland: 4-9-2-8-5-1-6-3
6. Following link to Youtube shows to you exact position where every bunkers located.
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