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WARNING: Asking and Charging for Prestige Duping Is PROHIBITED

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There have been instances of charging for duping of prestige accounts, as well as people asking for others to do the glitch for them. Staff would like to notify everyone that doing either of the following actions are prohibited and therefore a violation of our terms and conditions. Violation will result in infraction(s) placed on your account. This has been put in place to protect our members from scamming, stealing, and other harmful actions that can result.

Again the following is prohibited!
  • Asking for other users to do the prestige dupe glitch for you, or any other glitch that tampers with account manipulation that could arise.
  • Charging to do the prestige dupe glitch for other users.
  • Selling or renting a(n) account(s) to be utilized for the prestige dupe glitch.
  • Any/all services (even if free) to do the glitch for others. We do not want people exchanging their personal gaming account information through unverified sources. In this particular case though, we will not verify anyone to create a service to maintain as much security for our members as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Se7ensins Staff
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