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Update 11.5: The Cicero Crisis for Warframe on PlayStation 4 is now live with the biggest addition being the inclusion of Trophies. Unfortunately though they "were unable to make them retroactive for reasons outside our control." offering up this brief FAQ to answer a question:

Question: I already have everything to Rank 30. If I Forma/Polarize my gear will re-leveling it to Rank 30 get me a trophy?

Answer: Yes, It has been confirmed by some helpful folks at DE that applying Forma to your gear makes it eligible for trophies.

Here is the full list of Trophies which does not include a Platinum:

Sentinel Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Sentinel
Blade Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Longsword or Dual Short Blades weapon.
Brawler Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Gauntlets or Hand-To-Hand weapon.
Dagger Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Dagger or Dual Daggers weapon.
Heavy Weapon Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Heavy Axe, Heavy Hammer, or Heavy Sword weapon.
Pole Weapon Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Scythe, Pole-arm or Staff weapon.
Shuriken Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Boomerang, Throwing Discs or Throwing Daggers weapon.
Pistol Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Pistol or Akimbo Pistols weapon.
Rifle Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Rifle or Machine Gun weapon.
Bow Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Bow weapon.
Shotgun Proficiency - Reach Rank 30 with any Shotgun weapon.
Healer - Revive 10 allies.
Our Tools Shape Us - Apply 4 different Mods to a single weapon or Warframe.
No Longer a Rookie - Reach Rank 2 with any Warframe.
Special Agent - Solve 10 Ciphers.
Angel of Death - Get 100 kills in a single mission.
Weapon Smith - Build an item in the Foundry.

Scientist - Build 20 items in the Foundry.
Field Medic - Revive 100 allies

It Keeps Getting Better - Play for 10 hours.

And here is an overview of everything else in update 11.5 with a detailed listing on their forums:
  • New Warframe: Oberon – Equally adept at healing friends or striking down the enemy, Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold.
  • New Earth Forest Set – Explore the unruly, overgrown Forests of Earth.
  • New Weapons – Many new weapons including the Burston Prime, Karak rifle, Stug gel gun, Magistar mace and Scoliac whip.
  • Gas City Expansion – Explore new areas of the Corpus Gas City on Jupiter.
  • New Weapon Skin Pack – The new Forest Camo Skin Pack features 13 new Forest camouflage weapon skins and a Dethcube Sentinel Skin.
  • Updates – Updates to the Damage and Trading Systems.

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No Plat?!


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The update has been great so far. Much more activity in the alerts and operations. I decided to build the Stug and let me just say this, "holy ****!". This gun is more powerful than any primary I've come across. This is my new primary weapon and have already started mastering it with 2 slots polarized.
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