Wanna earn yourself a few 1 month free trials fast?

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    Ok, so here goes:

    Considering it's double EXP week i thought I should do this now and what it is; is Search & Destroy boosting.

    My friend who works in Gamestation (some of you may or may not have heard of it) took quite a few of the 1-month free trials that were meant to go into the goodie bags for some kids birthday party. Fortunatley for me he doesent play xbox (darn ps3s) and he said i could have a few of them: 18 in total.

    Now what i propose is something quite unusual but if your wanting any of these codes then you can help me in Search & Destroy boosting.

    Basically what it is is i need 6 people to help me and they all go into a search and destroy game (not hardcore) in the officers club playlist and then invite me:
    Once the game has started I run over to your spawn and kill you all, then next round you all stand close together and fire a few bullets whilst i set an airstrike upon you all until the game has ended (4 deaths in total for you)

    But what do you get out of this?
    A 1-Month free trial code will be given to you for every 10 games you help me in it for (40 deaths on your record if your not bothered)

    If your up for it send me a msg on xbox live:

    Any more questions? Ask me on xbox live.
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    yo hook me up i need xboxlive my gamertag is CAPTAINLEFTOVER all caps
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