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This strategy below has been written by me, however, ideas from others are collaborated with my own.

Strategy is for 2-4 Players.

Very start: Do the "Revive" glitch in the corner to optimise bonuses, letting more zombies through also increases chances of bonuses.

Round1 - Dogs: Stay in the 1st room, shooting 8 bullets in the leg and knifing where possible to maximise points.

After Dogs - Round 8ish: Open Upstairs and ensure everyone has bought a MP40 if the box is there, big whoop. (don't use it)

*Try to maximise points now by shooting then knifing*

Round9: Open both the doors, and get that power straight on, buy juggernaught.

Keep getting knife/MP40 kills until you can get Bowie Knife

Get it, keep knifing as much as possible to maximise points.

When it becomes to hard to get kills, round 15 or something, just use your MP40, when out of ammo, don't be lazy run and get some.

If you have enough to upgrade, it's not, "Quick everyone get in the Teleporter", it's "Come on guys lets keeping running round"

You do not upgrade the MP40 untill, round 20 or 25 atleast.

Survival is easy and basic, the circle strategy will work just fine, follow your way around the map, the pattern that you opened the doors.


On the rare occasion of a "Fire Sale" - Only use the box if you are not going to get trapped, Nothing is going to replace your MP40, but you can go for Monkey Bombs, Ray Gun or Thunder Gun as a secondary weapon.

The Teleporter is great for when you are out of ammo, but as i said it's not necessary to use unless your desperate or just simply rounding up zombies, if you are going to through grenades, its a bit of a yay and nay, because it does save ammo but loses alot of points.

When you are struggling after using the teleporter try and get the trap infront of you, it helps.

Traps should be a last resort as you lose points and increase your chance of getting trapped.

Perks are great, except for double tap. I'd suggest juggernaught is a first resort, then quick revive for round 17ish, then Speed Cola at 25.

Crawlers are great, try and keep one at 25+ rounds, before is not necessary, when you get the crawlers try and sort out weapons between each other and perks/tactics.

As far as your secondary gun is concerned, it only gets upgraded round 25-30+ when its on 0 ammo, and dogs are not round the corner.

Doing all this and keeping the MP40 the whole game will get you far.

Good Luck, Let me know how far you get, i've managed 47 solo.

Extra Bits and Pieces:

General Map, to get your barings:


Dirty Goolash

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Nice. Gonna have to try it. My only question is how do you survive until round 8 with only pistol? I can hardly survive through round 4.
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