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PC Velociti Ent PC RP Gaming Community Recruitment

Discussion in 'Party Up' started by humantree92, Dec 14, 2016 with 0 replies and 215 views.

  1. humantree92

    humantree92 Newbie

    ----About Velociti Entertainment----
    Velociti Entertainment (VE) started out just being a Electronics Company. The owner of VE decided to get a few friends together to start something big. So we started a Gaming Community for people who like to have Fun & Play Games. Velociti Entertainment is a PC Gaming Community that Provides a Fun Realistic Role-Play Experience. We play many different games as our Role-Play Experience. We also have an area where you can play other Non-RP Games. If interested then you came to the right place but due

    ----Role Playing Games----
    Every month we are trying to further our Role-Playing Games. Currently these are the games that we Role-Play in.
    • American Truck Simulator: Developed (Velociti Trucking)
    • More RP Games are being Developed as you read this.

    ----Other Games we Play----
    Ark, Arma 2, DayZ, Arma 3, CS:GO, ETS2, FS15, FS17, Garry’s Mod, GTA Series, H1Z1 JS & KOTK, Insurgency, PayDay 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Rust, Spin Tires, Verdun, Who’s Your Daddy, America’s Army Proving Grounds, H&G, Battlefield 1, MineCraft, World of Tanks, World of Warships, & World of Warplanes, & Many more to come.

    VE Member - As a Member you get access to all Channels except Admin Channels. Members also have a chance of getting FREE Games once we reach our Monthly Donation.

    VE Friend - As a Friend you get access to General Lobbies & Other Games. This Tag is only used for those that don't want to join our RP Games.

    VIP - A VIP member is someone who pays a Monthly Fee to help further Steam Games, Clan Packs, Server Fees, Website Fees, Etc. They also receive 4X on Pay Raises on RP Games & Receive special in-game bonuses that Members don’t get.

    Donator - A Donator is someone who makes a Small 1X Donation every now & then. They also get 2x on Pay Raises on RP Games.

    At least 13years of Age or Mature
    Working Microphone
    TeamSpeak 3
    Must speak Good English

    ----How to Join?----
    Step 1 Visit http://www.velocitientertainment.com/rules & Read all Rules
    Step 2 Visit http://www.velocitientertainment.com/applications
    Step 3 Click on Community App & Fill it out
    Step 4 Visit our TS3 at ts9.gamersvoip.net:9984
    Step 5 Move to Waiting for Support/Tags
    Step 6 Play games & Have Fun
    Step 7 After 1 Week All members can apply for Admin Position

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