CS:GO VAC Ban Wave Sets All-Time Record With 60k+ Accounts Banned In A Day

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  1. GrayRat

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    Valve has just rolled out with one of its much-needed ban waves, hitting a total of 61,472 accounts in just a single day. Now, we understand that this will not completely fix the problem. But, it is a step in the right direction.

    Over the years, the entire community has been complaining about the effectiveness of Valveā€™s anti-cheat engine, VAC. Because, countless reports of in-game hacks and cheats have been spreading like wildfire, especially in the CS:GO competitive community.

    This ban marks a record of highest number of bans in a single day.
  2. KnightWill2

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    While this is all good, hackers will continue to infest CSGO. One of the reasons this happens is that CSGO keys are available cheap(from steam sales and what not)and cause of the price that can be as low as 4USD(a key) people buy multiple keys, so basically even if you get banned from one account you can just log-in from the second one!
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    Ahh good ol' CS. I stopped playing when CS 1.6 came out. I was totally immersed in the community between 1999-2006 and I even tried out some hacks on hacker only servers. We had a pretty effective 3rd party anti-cheat engine back then. I can't remember the name, though. The guy who created it was a hacker himself. He knew exactly what to do to make it impossible for hacks to work. For instance, even a low-key ESP hack didn't work that well. Unfortunately, he stopped putting out updates and after 1.6 was released he pretty much disappeared.

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