Tools Using XboxHDM *UPDATED 2019*


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XboxHDM v1.9 for Dummies

=================== ~Staff Note~ ===================​
There are updates to XboxHDM but I haven't found any tutorials on how to use the new version. My guess is it is the same process but has been updated so you can use an IDE to USB to connect the Xbox hdd to your computer instead.

Here's the newest files

If anyone has an updated tutorial, we would love to display it!
=================== ~Staff Note~ ===================​

This guide is 100% not my work. It was created by a member at xbox-scene who goes by the name 'textbook' and all credit goes to him. Since xbox-scene is down, I have tried my best to bring this very informative tutorial in-house so it does not get lost again.

XboxHDM is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who owns a modded Xbox. It can restore HDD's back to a factory state, rebuild partitions, clone HDD's, and lock/unlock HDD's. It is especially useful to people who own a softmodded xbox. Usually if something bad happens to your Xbox and its softmod breaks somehow, you will turn to XboxHDM for help to fix it.

That being said, XboxHDM can be picky. Sometimes it can be difficult to find an older PC that it likes to run on without giving errors or acting strangely. Sometimes it does'nt like how you have your drives configured on the IDE channels (master and slave configurations). But it works wonderfully when set up properly.

Pro tips
  • If you don't have an older PC anymore, ask around friends and family. Someone might let you borrow it or even give it to you.
  • Some PC's will just refuse to work properly with XboxHDM. If this happens, you have to find another PC.
  • PC's with SATA interfaces will not work. You need IDE.
  • Try to have your Xbox HDD set as Primary Master and your CD\DVD drive set as Primary Slave since it seems to be more compatible. Other configurations DO work though.
  • ALWAYS keep a backup of your Xbox's eeprom.bin on your PC. As long as you have this file on hand, you can ALWAYS recover from a broken softmod or upgrade your HDD.

What You Need
  • [Click here to view this link]
  • A clean copy of the Xbox hard drive C: and E: files
    • Get C: files HERE
    • Follow these instructions to make your own E: files
      • Create a new folder on your desktop and name it 'UDATA' (all caps and no quotation marks)
      • Create a new folder on your desktop and name it 'TDATA' (all caps and no quotation marks)
  • A copy of your Xbox's eeprom.bin
    • You can get it a few different ways:
      • Run the EvolutionX dashboard and select the option to backup your eeprom. You should find it in E\backup
      • Run any recovery disc (AID, SID, HeXEn etc.) and select the option to backup your eeprom. You should find it in E/backup
      • On your Xbox navigate to E:\UDATA\21585554\00000000\backup. It could be in there already
    • Once you have it, you need to open an FTP session between your PC and your Xbox and copy your eeprom.bin to your desktop
      • NOTE: If your Xbox's softmod is "broken" and you cannot obtain your eeprom, its possible that you can hotswap instead
  • An older PC with IDE device connections inside (not SATA)
  • Your Xbox with the lid removed

Make a Bootable XboxHDM CD Image

1. Extract to your desktop

After you unpack, you will find these files inside the xboxhdm folder:
- linux (folder)
- cygwin1.dll
- make-DOS-floppy.bat
- make-iso-win.bat
- mkisofs.exe
- rawrite.exe

There are also some other readme files, but you need the ones listed above.

2. Extract MS Dash 5960.rar to your desktop

After you unpack, you will find these files:
-Audio (folder)
-fonts (folder)
-xboxdashdata.185ead00 (folder)
-xodash (folder)
-XBox Book.xtf

3. Copy the files for the xbox C: drive from MS Dash 5960 and put them in xboxhdm\linux\C

4. Copy the files for the xbox E: drive that you created and put them in xboxhdm\linux\E

5. Copy your Xbox's eeprom.bin to xboxhdm\linux\eeprom

6. Double click on make-iso-win.bat. It will bring up a command prompt and create a file called linux.iso in the xboxhdm folder

7. Burn linux.iso with your favorite burning program.

Set Up Your Computer and Xbox

1. Change the drives connected inside your PC so that your CD/DVD drive is Primary Slave and the Xbox HDD is Primary Master. You can also change it so that the CD/DVD drive is Secondary Master and the Xbox HDD is Primary Master. Do not disconnect the Xbox power cable that plugs into the Xbox HDD. As a precaution, disconnect any HDD's inside your computer already.

2. Power on your Xbox and boot your PC with the XboxHDM boot disc you created

NOTE: If you need to hotswap, now is the time to do it

Booting XboxHDM and Unlocking the Xbox HDD

After you boot you will see this screen:

Choose 3) --Boot linux with locking/unlocking utilities--

If you get a message that says "You passed an undefined mode number", press SPACE to ignore it.

You will see this screen:

Type "unlockhd -a" (no quotes) and press ENTER to unlock you hard drive.

You will see a screen that looks similar to the one below:

Reboot your PC. DO NOT reboot your Xbox!

NOTE: In order for drive to unlock, you needed to have your eeprom.bin in xboxhdm/linux/eeprom. If you are hotswapping, skip this step.

Using XboxHDM's Hard Drive Tools

After your PC reboots you will see this screen:

Press ENTER to select 1) --Boot VGA Console with xbox-drive utilities--. If you get a message that says "You passed an undefined mode number", press SPACE to ignore it.
You will be see this screen:

Type "xboxhd" (no quotes) and press ENTER. If your Xbox HDD is set as Master you will see this screen:

Type "yes" (no quotes; you have to type out "yes") and press ENTER and you will see the option screen:

This list of options are tools to do different things to the Xbox HDD. The commonly used ones are detailed below so keep reading.

Option #1: Build a New Xbox HD from Scratch
**This restores your Xbox HDD back to a factory state (unmodded)**

Type "1" (no quotes) in the option screen and press Enter. It will bring you to this screen:

Type "yes" (no quotes; you have to type out "yes") and press ENTER. It will build the partition tables and reboot your PC to activate them.

Once your PC reboots, follow the same directions again and choose Option #1 again. Your Xbox HDD will be formatted in the FATX format and files will be copied.

Option #2: Rebuild C-Partition on Existing Xbox-drive
**This restores only the C Drive to a factory state (unmodded). E Drive remains untouched**

After rebooting, go to the option screen. Type "2" (no quotes) and press ENTER. It will ask you to type "yes" or "no". Type "yes" to continue or "no" to abort and press ENTER. By continuing, it will format your C:\ drive:

and then, if you have the C: drive files on the CD, it will copy the files from the CD to the Xbox C: drive

Type "yes" (no quotes) and press ENTER. Clean C: files will be copied to the Xbox C: drive

Option #3: Clone Xbox HD
**To use this option, a formatted Xbox HDD is installed and set to Primary Master, a CD/DVD drive is installed and set to Primary Slave, and another new blank HDD is installed and set to Secondary Master. Other configurations may also work.

Type "3" and press ENTER. XboxHDM will list available drives attached to the primary and secondary IDE channels:

To start cloning, you have to enter your Xbox HDD's physical address. In this case its "hda". So type "hda" (no quotes) and press ENTER. From the picture above, you can see there is another hard drive attached to Secondary Slave. In this case, it's physical address is "hdc" so enter "hdc" as the destination drive and press ENTER. Now it will ask for confirmation. Type "yes" and press ENTER and your HDD will be cloned.

NOTE: Cloning takes a very long time and there is no progress indicator. Wait around 2-3 hours to clone a complete 120GB drive. For cloning stock drives with extra apps, games, etc., it takes about an hour.

Wait for the job to finish. It took about 12 minutes to clone the stock HDD with nothing extra installed (no games, apps, or movies; only the original stock files) and with the F: drive already formatted. If you have more stuff on your Xbox HDD it will take longer.

Make sure your new HDD is unlocked before you clone. When you are done cloning, make sure you lock your new HDD with the xbox eeprom. See the section below labeled, Locking your Xbox HDD

Option #4: Install F-Drive
**This will write and format the F: partition table to your HDD if it is larger than 8GB**
NOTE: If you are working with a blank HDD or one not formatted in FATX, you need to perform Option #1 first

Type "4" (no quotes) and press ENTER. XboxHDM will scan your HDD and tell you if you have enough free space for an F: partition. If you do, you will be asked to type "yes" to write the table or "no" to abort. Type "yes" (no quotes) to continue and press ENTER. It will write the partition table and reboot:

After you reboot, once again go to the option screen and type "4" again. Your F: drive will be formatted.

**Options #5 and #7 were not covered in the original tutorial. Option #6 is not necessary**

Locking your Xbox HDD

After you boot to XboxHDM, choose 3) --Boot linux with locking/unlocking utilities-- and press ENTER

You will see this screen:

Type "lockhd -a" (no quotes) and press ENTER to lock your hard drive. Again, make sure you have eeprom.bin in xboxhdm\linux\eeprom

You MUST lock your HDD before you install it back into your Xbox. If you don't, your xbox will likely give you an ERROR 5 and you will have to use XboxHDM again to lock it. This only applies to softmodded Xbox's. Xbox's with modchips or TSOP flashes do not need a locked HDD to function.

Locking and Unlocking Your HDD with a Master Password
**A master password can be used to unlock a locked HDD if you lose the eeprom for that HDD. The Xbox hard drive DOES NOT have a master password by default. A master password is ONLY set when a HDD has been locked with XboxHDM. The master password is >> XBOXSCENE

To unlock your locked HDD with its master password, boot into XboxHDM and choose 4) --Boot to DOS with HD unlock tools-- and press ENTER.

Type "atapwd" (no quotes) and press ENTER

You will see this screen:

Use the arrow keys to select the locked drive and press ENTER. A menu will appear. Select 'SECURITY command set' and press Enter.

Another menu will appear with different options. Select 'UNLOCK WITH MASTER PASSWORD' and press ENTER. Type 'XBOXSCENE' (no quotes, all caps) and press ENTER. The command will complete so press ENTER again.

You can also disable (turn off) locking on that HDD by selecting 'DISABLE WITH MASTER PASSWORD'. This will cause your HDD to not re-lock if it loses power. However you still need to lock it again if you plan to use it in your Xbox. You can re-lock it normally as described in the above section labeled 'Locking your Xbox HDD'.
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WOW this is a really good tutorial, this should be stickied cuz I needed this and i bet other people needed it also


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This is a long tutorial and well worth the read. I have been using XboxHDM since it came out and have used it to do HDD upgrades which is how i have a 250 gig HDD in a softmodded xbox. Everyone who wants a bigger HDD and likes the softmod method should read this tutorial.


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ha, im REALLY busy to read, but i need to know, what is this even for ?? BTW, i stickied it for ya...


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XboxHDM gives you the ability to upgrade your Hard Drive which is how i have a 250 gig in my softmodded xbox.

max hit 28

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so when setting up the primary slave and primary master all i do is take the riboon out of my hdd in my comp and put it in my hdd on my xbox???? confused on how to set it up.



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Take the IDE Cable out of the Hard-Drive and put it in the new Hard-Drive

Put in the CD into the CD/DVD Drive of your computer start your xbox, boot your computer and go to work!

I just made a successful upgrade today also!

Ryan 623

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This thing works! THANK GOD. Ok I went out to circuit city last night and i bought a western digital 80 gig hd for 50 bucks, i came home determined to revive my xbox(my original xbox hd got messed up FIVE months earlier, the 360 is nice and all, but i love having a modded xbox, especially since you can stream all you media no problem with xbmc)anyway, i was praying for this to work, cuz i didnt want to screw up this hd that i had just bought. SO i went through the procedures and built a new hd from scratch and i made sure i did the f partion thing, so after i was done i put it in the xbox and watched the little video play and i was hoping for the microsoft logo to pop up and when it did and the xbox came to the dashboard i jumped up and down like a liittle school girl LOL. Now i have like 6 of my games backed up on the hd.

im sorry if you had to read all that, but im just excited that my xbox is alive and kick'n


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this is a great tut that i really needed but am i screwed because i dont have my eeprom and i have the xboxhdmaker cd already i really need to use slayer's or can i just use what i have on the xbox hd maker right now which is the ms dash????//thanks


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Ok this is my situation....

i have hooked my new 160gig IDE harddrive up to the primary master, and my DVD drive up to the slave on the "single" IDE cable, because i only have ONE.

My normal PC harddrive (which is an ATA HDD) is completly unhooked, but wen i try to unlock my new harddrive, it says no drive found in primary master, and so on.

What could be wrong and how would i be able to fix this?


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he ripped this from xbox-scene i saw this there a long time ago and used a long time ago... he just copied paste there is no difference at all tsk tsk tsk
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look at the end of the harddrive where you plug in the ide cable and make sure the little movable block is at master or primary (diagrams should be on top of the harddrive)
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