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Unsolved Using Laptop as access point issue

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Hi everyone, I have been trying to set up my laptop so that the xbox connects to the laptop to be able to connect to xbox live, however without much success.
In the past I was able to do it using Connectify but recently this hasn't been working anymore.
My iPad for example is able to connect to it and receives an local IP but no data is actually being sent to the iPad.
I am curious to know if anyone knows how I can troubleshoot this or if you have another way to have the laptop be the access point for my xbox, and preferable all my devices in my room that connect to it wirelessly.

My laptop connects to the modem via cable, but I would also be happy if the xbox connected to the laptop via cable and the laptop to the modem via wifi.

I would also like to stay away from adhoc connections.

EDIT: The reason for this setup is because I would like to have my xbox on a VPN, and also because I only have on LAN cable in my room.
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