Using a Spartan Laser: Simple Tips

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    Usually, when using a Spartan Laser, most think it would be an easy weapon to use since you can easily get kills from long distances, but I judge this wrong. Most players would think a bit to quick before firing up a shot and end up with a bad result, so in this case I'll be lending out some tips on using a Spartan Laser (only for those who still yet to master this weapon):

    - If your on a map with a Spartan Laser, try thinking of keeping you're distances far enough so your still able to kill a few players "here" and "there".

    - When it comes to vehicles (Warthog [Turret/Gauss], Wraiths, Scorpions, other land/air vehicles), don't be too intimidated, they could catch your guard off when you've already fired a shot or start firing on you. A way to prevent yourself from losing your control over your weapon, have prepared Plasma/Spike Grenades, a back-up power weapon of some sort (could be a Rocket or even a Brute Shot for those land vehicles), a helpful equipment (Bubble Shield/Regenerator/Power Drain), and a thought out quick plan in case your method is in the dust.

    - Map Control, every player has their own way of keeping control of a part of a map. If you know some part of the map that you know is most important for your team/yourself, stick to that part and control it in order to eliminate your opponents faster. Sometimes a team or an individual player would think they can control that part of the map for the entire match, but sooner or later, they know that they'll have to move back to a safer location and out of their "hot spot". And, in this case, refers to you. I recommend that you stick to someplace with good cover (for instance, areas in Valhalla. These wide-play maps have a lot of parts that hold hiding spots and cover-ups, so with a laser, your basically unbeatable).

    This is the best I can give for now. Hope you find that this helped.
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