Unsolved Upgrading from iXtreme 1.5 to 1.6?

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    So I'm trying to upgrade from 1.5 iXtreme to 1.6 iXtreme, but it just won't work.

    I started with Jungleflasher that came with the 1.6 iXtreme firmwar @ xbins.
    The drive won't go to vendor mode until i do the 'drive half-way open' trick.
    Then when I try to read it gives me the 0x73 error en nothing happens.

    I tried Dosflash, but after trying for so many times it won't start reading.
    I tried iprep but it won't even load in the ixtreme firmware.

    I've googled everywhere and I seem to be getting nowhere at all.

    Can someone please help me with this problem?
    Flashing the drive from original to 1.5 was no problem, but from 1.5 to 1.6 just won't work!

    Thanks in advance!

    Ok, for the people who are having the same problems as I have, I found a way to make it work.

    I used the Jungleflasher that came with iXtreme 1.51, version 0.1.55 Beta.
    I hooked the xbox to the VIA card and turned the xbox on.
    Then I started up Jungleflasher.
    Press BENQ-Unlock and it send the 'magic tools'.
    You won't get the 'intro fail', because it won't ask the drive unless you press 'intro / device ID'.

    After the BENQ-Unlock I opened the xbox drive.
    Take out the power cable (of the xbox) and press the drive inwards for about 2 thirds.
    I DIDN'T take out the drive power cable so just leave it in.
    After this was done I turned the xbox on again and the drive automatically closed.
    Press the 'intro / device ID' button in Jungleflasher and then press 'read'.

    It read the 4 banks immediatly without fail as it did with the other versions or if I took out the drive power cable.

    After the read is converted the firmware to iXtreme 1.6 (also with Jungleflasher) and went back to the 'MTK flash 32' tab to press write.

    This worked for me without any fail, as all the other ways did.

    I hope this helps someone like it did to me!

    Greets, ScaR

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