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Unsolved Updating a cfw system

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Sorry if this is a noob question I have been out of the scene for a while and haven't been able to find a answer for this.

I have been searching to find a answer on how to update the sysnand of my console I have emmunand setup with one nand with sxos and one stock untouched, to my knowledge. I haven't played my switch in a while and recently did a update to firmware 9.1 on my sxos band with a program, cant remeber the name right now. But I want to get the new animal crossing online on my sys band is this possible. On my cfw nand I have installed themes, homebrew, and xci/nsp of games.

Tl;dr i want to update my sysnand and go online while keeping my cfw and game backups still working when I switch back to sxos
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