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What is Catchem PoGo Bot?
The Catchem PoGo Bot is a fake Pokémon trainer. Pokémon Go players can employ the bot for levelling up in the game without actually putting in any effort in themselves. The bot controls a player’s account.. It has functions such as humanized walking, catching Pokémon with ease, hatching eggs without walking the km yourself, and visits Pokéstops along the way.. You even have the option to create your own custom route! The Catchem PoGo Bot can help trainers in levelling up and filling their Pokédex.. but, with the latest updates for Pokémon.. Niantic has started cracking down on Bot users, often permanently banning them from the game. Which is where Catchem PoGo Bot comes into play, offering the best of security bypasses.. You'll most likely never run into any issues yourself.

Q : I downloaded the files but I can't seem to find any way to start the bot.
A : You probably downloaded the source code rather than the release. Go to [Click here to view this link] page and download the right one.

Q : Cathem Bot isn’t looting pokestops?
A : If you have upgraded the bot from a previous version, check settings to ensure “loot pokestops” is checked.

Q : All pokemon Flee and not receiving items from pokestops?
A : There is good likelihood you are ‘IP Softbanned’ Causes included jumping long distances as well as too many requests from the same IP. Fixes for this error include IF you have a dynamic IP you can simply restart your router and it will be solved. If you do not have a dynamic IP you will likely need to use a proxy or VPN. If you do not have access to a VPN/Proxy then simply play the waiting game, your softban will end shortly.

Q : Mapzen valhalla API/Google direction key is empty?
A : Make sure that you already have one Mapzen Valhalla/Google direction key. You can create it Here for Valhalla and Here for Google. Create Turn by turn key for Valhalla. After the key has been created it can be inserted into the corresponding area shown here.

Q : How to setup and configure proxies for Catchem.
A : Proxies can help a lot with either bypassing an IP Softban or just multi-botting in general, it is recommended to get paid private proxies as they involve more security and anonymity. When you have the proxies you would prefer to use you can enter it in Host:tongue:ort and Enable proxies.

Q : “Niantic Servers unstable, throttling API Calls.” Error.
A : You may see this error every now and then in the console for Catchem, if this error only appears ~1 per hour you should likely be fine. It is nothing to worry about at all. If you do happen to receive this error a lot more than once per hour then you may need to increase your delay settings or if you are running multiple bots from one IP you will also receive this error. More info on how to increase delays can be found below.

Q : Can I snipe with Catchem?
A : You can’t,sniping is disabled in Catchem as it is a very risky feature to use. With a recent feature added to Pokemon go each Pokemon has a unique identifier [As shown Below.] That Niantic can use to see if you have been catching Pokemon from different areas of the world.

Q : How can I choose a team in Catchem?
A : In the ‘Inventory’ Tab, there will be a Pokeball icon in the top right corner, clicking on that after level 5 will grant you the option to choose your preferred team.

Q : Receiving “No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small? error”
A : There's 2 possibilities why you got that error. 1st option you probably set the coordinates the the incorrect area with no PokeStops available, you can try to fix it by stopping the bot and changing the coordinates or double clicking on the map to where you want the bot to start. 2nd option you got an IP Soft Ban, they generally last 30min too 12 hours, sometimes longer.

Q : I want to bot multiple accounts. Can I do that?
A : Yes, It is possible to bot multiple accounts at one time. Although it is highly recommended to use proxies. Private proxies are better as they guarantee anonymity. Click Here for a updated list of Free Public Pokémon GO Proxy Servers.

Q : How can I get the device info from Android?
A : Firstly this only works on android devices. Ensure that USB Debugging is enabled on the device you would like to get the info from and that the device is connected to your computer. After the device is connected and the computer recognizes that the device is there. In the settings for the profile you want the device info on. Click “Get data from Android” It may take up to a minute for the info to be generated and it will appear in the corresponding boxes above.

Q : What do the “ev, mb, nc, nt, tf” Tags mean in the inventory?
A : EV means that the pokemon is on the evolve list. MB means a masterball will be used on that pokemon. NC means that pokemon is on the not to catch list. NT means that pokemon is on the not to transfer list. TF means that pokemon is on the transfer filter.


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