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Added the video if people don't want to click off the site.



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Totally patched. Youtubers have learned that posting a glitch or mod after it has been patched will not be taken down at Rockstar request because rockstar will never request its removal. Its also easy to spot when the channel owner is advertising a shark card giveaway for subscription. If you are showing a huge money duplication why on earth would you ever need a shark card?
If more people would stop watching these videos they would eventually just go away and all those non profiting posters would actually start making the spotlight. Im gonna tell you right now if you have some non game picture showing at the beginning of your video I am not watching it. If you say "lets jump into the glitch" cough cough freighttrain. I am not watching. Its a glitch that existed but will probably never accidentally get unpatched. This was a big one as it netted 600k+ each time and bypassed the wait period. After this glitch many no longer ever need to dupe again.
But for sure not unpatched. I try these big ones on a daily basis because the day someone screws up like that is the day many bexome billionares.
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