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3. Dark Matter glitch:
  1. You want to add the weapon you want the Camo on in multiplayer class. (Make Sure it’s class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 not 6+).
  2. Go in to custom games —> Enable Ban and protect voting —> Change every setting to 4 minutes
  3. Start the game and ban any random weapon
  4. Tell a friend to invite you while you want to press on edit create a class and hover over any class
  5. Once you join ur friend tell him to go to custom games
  6. Choose the same class you added your weapon in (STEP 1) and add a weapon you have already the camo on
  7. Tell friend to go to public match
  8. Personalise the weapon add the dark matter camo / gold camo /Diamond camo / black market camo press X or A to equip
  9. Press Circle/B and voila.
  10. Text Tutorial by Danixer.
If did not understand:
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