PC Xbox One PS4 Working Unlock all 6 Beer Hat and keep them in your inventory

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    We found a way that will unlock all 6 Beerhats (on Male or Female) and get theme in your inventory so the are bypassing the blacklist!

    For this glitch we use the Gender transfer glitch from FngGlitcher:

    Warning with this glitch you are going to loos all your saved outfits on your character!
    But you keep everything else (Money, Stats, Property's, 2e Character, Cars, Clothing etc.)

    My DaddyCoolNL crewmembers HandigeHarry01, Thanoethi and myself have been working for 3 days to get this to work and shorten the items to buy for unlocking all the beer hats.
    Please give us respect iff you are going to repost this glitch on YT

    - Start on the Character you wish the beerhat on.
    - Do the Gender transfer glitch by going to your interaction menu / style / chance appearance
    - Go to Appearel / hover over Crew T-shirt Style
    - press on Circle (PS4) / B-Button (Xbox) and down on the D-pad together to see the text: select the Gender of your character.
    (I like pressing Circle/B-Button a bit faster the down on the D-pad to hit this glitch)
    Iff you see select gender press left or right to go to the opposite gender.
    Load into a session and buy the items shown below.

    Beerhat for Male character,
    Buy on the transferred Female:
    Characters Masks 19 t/m 23 gives 5 beerhats
    Paperbag Masks 20 gives the final beerhat

    Beerhat for the Female,
    Buy these items on the transferred male:
    Smart Shoes 14 t/m 18 gives 5 Beerhats
    White Scarf 20 gives the final beerhat

    When you bought the items force a gamesave by making a change on your outfit.
    Then go to Creator and go back online, accept the black alert screen to alter your appearance again.
    Do the glitch to change your gender back to normal and load online.
    Go to your wardrobe or store check your inventory and you see have unlocked all Beerhats!

    Here is a Complete and Live Updated items list provided by Wildbrick142 (So to you!)

    If your primary is MALE:
    b****'n' Dog Food Top (female) = Rockstar Dev White (male)
    BOBO T-Shirt (female) = Rockstar Dev Black (male)
    Crocs Bar T-Shirt (female) = Rockstar Dev Gray (male)
    Albany Vintage tee (female) = Classique tee (male)
    UR Skull Black Tee (female) = Crosswalk Tee (male)
    UR Skull White Tee (female) = R* Crosswalk Tee (male)
    Cat Top (female) = Base5 T-Shirt (male)
    Scratch T-Shirt (female) = b****'n' Dog Food Top (male)
    Pyramid Top (female) = BOBO T-Shirt (male)
    Hero Top (female) = Crocs Bar T-Shirt (male)
    Oeuf Top (female) = Emotion 98.3 T-Shirt (male)
    Chimp Top (female) = Fever 105 T-Shirt (male)
    Monkey Top (female) = Flash FM Tee (male)
    Wild Cat Top (female) = Vinyl Countdown T-Shirt (male)
    Bear Top (female) = Homies Sharp T-Shirt (male)
    Cassette Top (female) = K-DST T-Shirt (male)
    Stag Top (female) = Vivisection T-Shirt (male)
    Sunglasses T-Shirt (female) = KJAH Radio T-Shirt (male)
    Illusion Top (female) = Bounce FM T-Shirt (male)
    Base5 Top (female) = K-Rose T-Shirt (male)
    Hinterland Scroll T-Shirt (female) = Accountant T-Shirt (male)
    Hinterland Banner T-Shirt (female) = Bahama Mamas (male)
    Hinterland Brand T-Shirt (female) = Drone T-Shirt (male)
    LR_F_HAIR_003 (female, hair decal, UNOBTAINABLE) = Grotti T-Shirt (male)
    LR_F_HAIR_004 (female, hair decal, UNOBTAINABLE) = Golf T-Shirt (male)
    SecuroServ T-Shirt (female) = Manopause T-Shirt (male)
    SecuroServ Sweater (female) = Marlowe T-Shirt (male)
    SecuroServ Sweater(2) (female) = Meltdown T-Shirt (male)
    SecuroServ Sweater(3) (female) = Pacific Bluffs T-Shirt (male)
    SecuroServ Sweater(4) (female) = Prolaps T-Shirt (male)
    SecuroServ Sweater(5) (female) = Tennis T-Shirt (male)
    Accountant T-Shirt (female) = Toe Shoes T-Shirt (male)
    Bahama Mamas (female) = Crest T-Shirt (male)
    Drone T-Shirt (female) = Vanilla Unicorn T-Shirt (male)
    Time's Up Outline (female, tattoo) = ***hole Tee (male)

    If your primary is FEMALE:
    Red Heart America T-Shirt (male) = Rockstar Dev White (female)
    White Torch T-Shirt (male) = Rockstar Dev Black (female)
    Blue Torch T-Shirt (male) = Rockstar Dev Gray (female)
    prospect patch (male, UNOBTAINABLE AS A CLOTHING ITEM) = Crosswalk Tee (female)
    president badge (male, UNOBTAINABLE AS A CLOTHING ITEM) = R* Crosswalk Tee (female)
    K-Rose T-Shirt (male) = Base5 T-Shirt (female)
    Rockstar Dev White (male) = b****'n' Dog Food Top (female)
    Crossed Arrows (male, tattoo) = BOBO T-Shirt (female)
    Rockstar Dev Gray (male) = Crocs Bar T-Shirt (female)
    Freedom T-Shirt (male) = Emotion 98.3 T-Shirt (female)
    Worn Flag T-Shirt (male) = Fever 105 T-Shirt (female)
    White July 4th T-Shirt (male) = Flash FM Tee (female)
    Blue July 4th T-Shirt (male) = Vinyl Countdown T-Shirt (female)
    Since 1776 T-Shirt (male) = Homies Sharp T-Shirt (female)
    Eagle Pride T-Shirt (male) = K-DST T-Shirt (female)
    Large Peace T-Shirt (male) = Vivisection T-Shirt (female)
    White Love America T-Shirt (male) = KJAH Radio T-Shirt (female)
    Blue Love America T-Shirt (male) = Bounce FM T-Shirt (female)
    White Heart America T-Shirt (male) = K-Rose T-Shirt (female)
    Toe Shoes T-Shirt (male) = Accountant T-Shirt (female)
    Crest T-Shirt (male) = Bahama Mamas (female)
    Vanilla Unicorn T-Shirt (male) = Drone T-Shirt (female)
    DCTL T-Shirt (male) = Grotti T-Shirt (female)
    Stunt Skull (male, tattoo) = Golf T-Shirt (female)
    Big Cat (male, tattoo) = Manopause T-Shirt (female)
    Poison Wrench (male, tattoo) = Marlowe T-Shirt (female)
    Scorpion (male, tattoo) = Meltdown T-Shirt (female)
    Demon Spark Plug (male, tattoo) = Pacific Bluffs T-Shirt (female)
    Toxic Spider (male, tattoo) = Prolaps T-Shirt (female)
    Dagger Devil (male, tattoo) = Tennis T-Shirt (female)
    Moonlight Ride (male, tattoo) = Toe Shoes T-Shirt (female)
    Arachnid of Death (male, tattoo) = Crest T-Shirt (female)
    Grave Vulture (male, tattoo) = Vanilla Unicorn T-Shirt (female)
    MP_ALS_B (male, idk wtf this is) = ***hole Tee (female)


    If your primary is MALE, and is temp. a FEMALE:

    Wireframe suits:
    Blue Digital Shielded Riot - Green Wireframe Bodysuit
    Fall Shielded Riot - Orange Wireframe Bodysuit
    Aqua Camo Shielded Riot - Blue Wireframe Bodysuit
    Light Woodland Shielded Riot - Pink Wireframe Bodysuit
    Splinter Shielded Riot - Yellow Wireframe Bodysuit

    Christmas Stuff:
    while female to get stuff for male
    Earth Tones Rubberized - Hideous Krampus
    Mono Rubberized - Fearsome Krampus
    Gray & Red Rubberized - Odious Krampus
    Grayscale Rubberized - Heinous Krampus
    White Sand Castle Torn Tee - Unicorn
    Gray Stripe Open Check - Abominable Snowman
    Dirty Knit Balaclava - Stocking

    Skeleton Helmet - Pastel Blue Pajamas
    Death Helmet - Pastel Yellow Pajamas
    Cobble Helmet - Pastel Pink Pajamas
    Cubist Helmet - Pastel Green Pajamas
    Digital Helmet - Vibrant Check Pajamas
    Snakeskin Helmet - Blue Check Pajamas
    Boost Helmet - Red Swirl Motif Pajamas
    Tropic Helmet - White Graphic Pajamas
    Atomic Helmet - Blue Swirl Pajamas
    Gold JC Helmet - Yellow Swirl Pajamas
    Silver JC Helmet - Red Swirl Pajamas
    Ox Blood Dome Filter - Navy Pinstripe Pajamas
    Chocolate Dome Filter - Bold Pinstripe Pajamas
    Black Dome Filter - Orange Pinstripe Pajamas
    Tan Dome Filter - Pastel Blue Smoking Jacket
    Ox Blood Dome Vent - Pastel Yellow Smoking Jacket
    Chocolate Dome Vent - Pastel Pink Smoking Jacket
    Black Dome Vent - Pastel Green Smoking Jacket
    Tan Dome Vent - Vibrant Check Smoking Jacket
    Loose Swept Back* - Blue Check Smoking Jacket
    Undercut Swept Back* - Red Swirl Motif Smoking Jacket
    Undercut Swept Side* - White Graphic Smoking Jacket
    Spiked Mohawk* - Blue Swirl Smoking Jacket
    Bandana and Braid* - Yellow Swirl Smoking Jacket
    Steel Horse Black Hoodie** - Red Swirl Smoking Jacket
    Steel Horse White Hoodie** - Navy Pinstripe Smoking Jacket
    Western Black Hoodie** - Bold Pinstripe Smoking Jacket
    Western White Hoodie** - Orange Pinstripe Smoking Jacket
    *haircuts, unobtainable
    **special tops, unobtainable if you don't have the special shirts already.

    Jock Cranley Suit:
    Blue Puffer Jacket - Blue Jock Cranley Suit

    Please Stop Me Mask:
    Black Scruffy Boots - Please Stop Me Hockey

    Beer Hats:
    Burger Shot Paper Bag - Pisswasser Beer Hat
    Green Plastic Face - Benedict Beer Hat
    The Don Plastic Face - J Lager Beer Hat
    Pink Plastic Face - Patriot Beer Hat
    Clown Plastic Face - Blarneys Beer Hat
    Black Plastic Face - Supa Wet Beer Hat

    Lowrider caps:
    The Siren - Magnetics Script Fitted Cap
    The Glamour - Magnetics Block Fitted Cap
    The Concubine - Low Santos Fitted Cap
    The Azure - Boars Fitted Cap
    The Femme - Benny's Fitted Cap
    Yellow Sneaker Wedges - Westside Fitted Cap
    Black Sneaker Wedges - Eastside Fitted Cap
    Gray Sneaker Wedges - Strawberry Fitted Cap
    White Sneaker Wedges - Black SA Fitted Cap
    Red Sneaker Wedges - Davis Fitted Cap

    If your primary is FEMALE, and is temp. a MALE:

    Wireframe suits:
    Peach Digital Quad Lens - Green Wireframe Bodysuit
    Fall Quad Lens - Orange Wireframe Bodysuit
    Dark Woodland Quad Lens - Blue Wireframe Bodysuit
    Crosshatch Quad Lens - Pink Wireframe Bodysuit
    Green Pattern Quad Lens - Yellow Wireframe Bodysuit

    Christmas Stuff:
    Black & Red Tactical Blouson - Hideous Krampus
    Green & Red Tactical Blouson - Fearsome Krampus
    Black & Gray Tactical Blouson - Odious Krampus
    Ochre Tactical Blouson - Heinous Krampus
    Vintage Denim Cut - Unicorn
    Green Flayed Demon* - Abominable Snowman
    Navy Sleeved Coveralls** - Stocking
    *halloween mask, only on halloween
    **pants only, unobtainable

    The Fresh - Pastel Blue Pajamas
    The Detail - Pastel Yellow Pajamas
    The Check - Pastel Pink Pajamas
    The Land - Pastel Green Pajamas
    The Polo - Vibrant Check Pajamas
    The Loafer - Blue Check Pajamas
    The Loose - Red Swirl Motif Pajamas
    The Donk - White Graphic Pajamas
    Shell Wraparound Glasses - Blue Swirl Pajamas
    Black Wraparound Glasses - Yellow Swirl Pajamas
    White Wraparound Glasses - Red Swirl Pajamas
    Shell Refined Glasses - Navy Pinstripe Pajamas
    Black Refined Glasses - Bold Pinstripe Pajamas
    White Refined Glasses - Orange Pinstripe Pajamas
    Shell Superior Glasses - Pastel Blue Smoking Jacket
    Black Superior Glasses - Pastel Yellow Smoking Jacket
    White Superior Glasses - Pastel Pink Smoking Jacket
    Shell Trend Glasses - Pastel Green Smoking Jacket
    Black Trend Glasses - Vibrant Check Smoking Jacket
    White Trend Glasses - Blue Check Smoking Jacket
    Shell Dock Glasses - Red Swirl Motif Smoking Jacket
    Black Dock Glasses - White Graphic Smoking Jacket
    White Dock Glasses - Blue Swirl Smoking Jacket
    SecuroServ Varsity - Yellow Swirl Smoking Jacket
    SecuroServ Open Varsity - Red Swirl Smoking Jacket
    SecuroServ Cap - Navy Pinstripe Smoking Jacket
    SecuroServ Backwards Cap - Bold Pinstripe Smoking Jacket
    San Andreas Polo - Orange Pinstripe Smoking Jacket

    Jock Cranley Suit:
    Demon Tracksuit Top - Blue Jock Cranley Suit

    Please Stop Me Mask:
    Blue Trilby - Please Stop Me Hockey

    Beer Hats:
    Green Soled Wingtips - Pisswasser Beer Hat
    Ash Wingtips - Benedict Beer Hat
    Olive Wingtips - J Lager Beer Hat
    Gray Wingtips - Patriot Beer Hat
    Yellow Wingtips - Blarneys Beer Hat
    White Scarf - Supa Wet Beer Hat

    Lowrider caps:
    Platinum Onyx Studs - Magnetics Script Fitted Cap
    Platinum SN Bullion Stud (L) - Magnetics Block Fitted Cap
    Gold SN Bullion Stud (L) - Low Santos Fitted Cap
    Platinum SN Bullion Stud (R) - Boars Fitted Cap
    Gold SN Bullion Stud (R) - Benny's Fitted Cap
    Platinum SN Bullion Studs - Westside Fitted Cap
    Gold SN Bullion Studs - Eastside Fitted Cap
    Silver Covgari Explorer - Strawberry Fitted Cap
    Pink Gold Covgari Explorer - Black SA Fitted Cap
    Gold Covgari Explorer - Davis Fitted Cap

    (I merged my post from page 7.)

    Credit to Wildbrick142 only.

    Edit: IT IS NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK 100%! Especially with tattoos, as they function in another way than clothing.

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  2. idontknowhow

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    Confirm working both on male and female, well done:thumbsup:

    edit: Also working on male
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  3. Htmf

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    Great post
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  4. MacDaKnyph

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    Can I assume that if I already own every piece of clothing, this glitch will not work since I can not actually purchase the items needed to unlock the hats?
  5. Truegta5

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    Thanks Dutchman and crew this is awesome I cum in my pants when I see this lol jk :roflmao: Anyways thank you for doing it in English :thumbsup: you speak pretty good English man cheers
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  6. POoDickTracy

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    Anyone know how to get the Plz stop me mask yet? What item unlocks it?
  7. Apokalypt

    Apokalypt Enthusiast

    I can't find that:
    Smart Shoes 1 t/m 32 ($66.690) gives 5 Beerhats
    Scarves 2,3,4, 15 t/m20 ($2.565) gives the final beerhat

    help me please
  8. Handige_harry_01

    Handige_harry_01 Newbie

    Then you only have to do the gender glitch 2 times and then you have them all
  9. idontknowhow

    idontknowhow Enthusiast

    From my understanding, you should see all six beer hats after changing sex if you already own every piece of clothing. However, you will still be able to buy the item listed in op since you don't have beer hat in your original.
  10. Truegta5

    Truegta5 Getting There

    I can confirm it works awesome thank you
  11. Apokalypt

    Apokalypt Enthusiast

    please help me, what is this:
    Smart Shoes 1 t/m 32 ($66.690) gives 5 Beerhats
    Scarves 2,3,4, 15 t/m20 ($2.565) gives the final beerhat
  12. idontknowhow

    idontknowhow Enthusiast

    item 1 to 32 buy them all
    2,3,4, 15 to 20 buy them all
  13. Apokalypt

    Apokalypt Enthusiast

    i don't find smart shoes....
  14. MacDaKnyph

    MacDaKnyph Enthusiast

    ahh ok. I have all beer hats but I am curious about other special hats/clothing items.
  15. HeHeHaHaHoHo

    HeHeHaHaHoHo Enthusiast

    go to clothing store
    look at shoes
    look at accessories
  16. Apokalypt

    Apokalypt Enthusiast

    i don't know what is "smart shoes" I'm french so my game is in french !!
    [doublepost=1546094777][/doublepost]there is too many shoes !
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  17. pistolwhipya420

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    Dam been wanting a beeer hat.. but i got modded outfits.. dont want to lose.. great glitch though
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  18. Handige_harry_01

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    chaussures intelligentes
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  19. OP
    DaddyCool NL

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    This will still work, because the opposite gender has different items to buy
    I understand that!
  20. OP
    DaddyCool NL

    DaddyCool NL Enthusiast

    I have unlocked the Please Stop Me Hockey Mask, on both characters but I don't know what is the opposite item is.
    Iff bought everything there is, so I even have very much special tops unlocked :wink:

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