Patched unlimited steel, crystal and fiber optics exploit


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This is an exploit to get unlimited steel, crystal and fiber optics

1. Go to Jamaica plain

2. Find the town hall (its the building with a statue out the front)

3. Turn left from the front door and go down the stairs where you will see a door leading to the basement

4. Continue through the basement until you see a hall full of laser tripwires and 3 turrets

5. Take out the turrets and proceed to the end of the hall where you will see a button

6. Press this button twice, once to open the door and once to close it; this will reset the trip wires and give you the ability to disarm them

7. Once you have disarmed them all repeat step 6 and they will continue to turn back on, giving you an endless loop of crystal, steel and fiber optics

Edit: I do not take any credit for this as I am not the founder. I will link the video I seen when I find it again. Found the video and i believe he is the original founder, give him a sub. Channel name: gametastik
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