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Unsolved unflag xbox - no jtagrequired (problems) failing ap2.5 challenge

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well, first of all i'm a noob, and i alreday searched the net in all my capability to getter information before do this (i had search even in different lenguages, chinese, italian, spanish, inglish) and the root source is the tut made by Wolfboy212,(kind of similar with the how to uncripple xbox-not unban principle,(i think so correct me if i'm wrong), and yes i also search and any thread was specifically done and if it was done or this is not the plase for this my apologies, so my point is to "try" help others and get help for myself also, yep i also want to try this...(please correct me if i'm wrong in what is following, i don't dominate the topic)

-wont work if:

1. Your console has already been banned
2. You have already been online with your flagged Xbox360!

-to unflag the xbox from the ap2.5 mistake playing i.e. COD black ops no patched: aka flag offline
Basic idea is that when your Xbox flags its self and is not online its never sent to the Microsoft Servers it stays in the secdata of the NAND so you dump the NAND and change the value of the flag from flagged to unflagged and write the changed parts back to the Xbox and BAM! unflagged.

- Some wire.
- Soldering Iron
- Soldering experience and confidence
- 5 100ohm 1/2watt Resisters
- 1 Switching Diode. I used 1N914 - 1N4148
- Computer with a LPT port(Printer port)
- LPT cable with a DB25 Male end
- Stuff required to take Xbox 360 apart

- XVal
- NandPro20b
- FindSecData
- NandCompare
- Windows computer with Command Prompt
- Xbins (if thats how you get the programs)

1. Take Xbox 360 apart, Totally apart so the mother board is no longer in the frame.
(If you don't know how to do this you probably shouldn't be doing this tutorial)

2. Solder NAND Lpt wire to Xbox 360 motherboard and dumping NAND.
Please refer to this How to JTag tutorial and dump NAND for soldering the Lpt wire and Dumping the NAND. DONT DO THE JTAG POINTS!
(Only thing i did different is compare NAND dumps with NandCompare)

3. Take good dump and run it in FindSecData
(Im asuming you know how to use the command line in this tutorial)

Putting NAND in FindSecData:

C:\Documents and Settings\----\Desktop\nand patch>findsecdata nandr.bin

findsecdata v0.61 2009-12-01 by boby2pc
Controller version 1
Last filetable change: 0x4D
ECC change: 0x4D Filetbl: 0x01D7 Secdata: 0x01D6 Timestamp: 3D6FB8A2 2010-11-15
ECC change: 0x4C Filetbl: 0x01D5 Secdata: 0x0226 Timestamp: 3D61A943 2010-11-01
ECC change: 0x42 Filetbl: 0x0225 Secdata: 0x038B Timestamp: 3C8F12DD 2010-04-15

Checking secdata:
038B containts not 0 values above offset 1024

Searching for recommended

Extracting secdata:

Extracting filetables:

Creating patched secdata:

Creating patched filetables:

nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedsecdata0226.bin 1D6 1
nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedfiletable01D7By01D5.bin 1D7 1


And Write fixed parts back!

C:\Nandpro20e>nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedsecdata0226.bin 1D6 1
NandPro v2.0e by Tiros

Testing LPT device address:0378
Using LPT device at address:0378
Flash Config: 0x01198010
Block Size: 16KB Block Limits: 0x0001D6..0x0001D6
File: Patchedsecdata0226.bin

C:\Nandpro20e>nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedfiletable01D7by01D5.bin 1D7 1
NandPro v2.0e by Tiros

Testing LPT device address:0378
Using LPT device at address:0378
Flash Config: 0x01198010
Block Size: 16KB Block Limits: 0x0001D7..0x0001D7
File: Patchedfiletable01D7by01D5.bin

If you have a Console with 256mb or 512mb NANDs adjust commands accordingly.
[according to wolfboy212 and inspired in wolfbo212 there is also the one from M AzeeM K using jtag tool and no nandprod(in his tut cuz in wolfboy is nandprob,may be an actulization..) and similar with other sites wont mention cuz lenguage]

nice, smooth tut from those guy!

but them pop sum people with the issue old secdata.bin not found, and it has several reasons...
correct any if wrong!!
-bad nand dump. possible solution 1.check the soldering a redo
-corruption in a block nand. P S 1. find and isolate the block edit with hex work shop
(actually i don't know how to find if it is corrupt, or isolate or use hex work shop i just read similar threat in other place and it work for them accordingly)
-wont recognize usb spi. P S 1. install and flash the .hex(even i'm not sure)
-RRRoD right after finish(dunno why?)
-.........(i dont remember more for the moment)
-.........(buy a new xbox 360 will fix all, oh wait M$ dont make it any more plus is all up to you a second hand or refurbished, or if you life in china my case get a crapy copy like Sxbos hahaha or buy an slim and what system was better,exploitly talking for this moment)

and sum [email protected]
-yes it can be done with lpt and the resistors stuff + diode, or usb spi,olimex LPC2XXXXXX(guess the last two are same)
-the procedure dont need to solder the jtag points, and can be done also by installing pin headers(but i dont know if is safe to left them once it is done all the work, please sumone answer!)
-in my case (cuz need more test) just the avatars that get in the flagged xbox and those created before or after the flag get corrupted in others clean xboxs, the safe files are all right (correct if i'm wrong) cuz u can depure the flag avatar and and take the save to other clean xbox and there u go!
-disconnect will dumping the hdmi controls etc, just plug the ac but dont power it!
-the usb is better for jasper 256/512 cuz is more quick than lpt
-and lpt connected to a lpt to usb adapter i really don't know if it increase the speed or it stay taged to lpt speed(sumone please answer, no speculation!)
-when finish dont power with any left wire pluged to the xbox mobo
-tried restoring my previous nand from a year ago before the dash update, but thats not working either. Can i get the secdata from my previous nand backup to inject them into my current nand..No, once you update your dash, the old nand dump is pretty much trash unless you have the CPU key. I know it doesn't help you now, but this is why it is important to backup the nand every time you update the dash. according to madboxer
-xbox dont have internal battery to keep dates(please correct me if wrong)
-get flagged in f/w lower than ix-tl+1.1, and then update it to ix-tl+1.1, yeah u will still flagged
-.........(dont remember more for the moment)

and direct question i would like sumone answer if possible
-is possible to do it if update to 12625 dash with f/w lower than ix-tl+1.1, and then accidental(or stupidly) run non patch ap2.5?
-what means in easy terms overwrite your AP 2.5 challenge, either by updating to a newer dash or some other reason?
-is possible to do so with pin header (qsb?), for better quality nand? and when finish need to disolder them?
-after fix the the nand, (secdata) it will be ok to update to a new dashboard, i mean i.e. i did the fix in dash lower than 12625 then if i update from dash XXXXX fixed ap2.5 to 12625, is the update going to fwGk all the fix? or worse i.e. once update done recognize the change in nand and flag/ban ?
-in idea with the last question if the fix hypothetically is succeeded in the 12625 dash, a newer possible update of dash going to FwGk up all? (i know is to pushi the question)
-is is possible if overwrite ap2.5 challenge,(i still dont know what means clearle i just got an idea), use the zeroing method
-just noob a little more but for those who didnt know about the ap2.5, try a game without ap2.5 patch more than one time get it worse(i mean make the nand more difficult to manipulate)?
-after flagged play xbox(any game), safe content on hdd,safe files etc. make the nand more difficult to manipulate?(so can i play play play and then when ready do this fix?_)
-when testing the fix, does it need to power the xbox without the dvd room connected or disconnected to the mobo?
-ok noob again, but if i'm flagged and i just wait till the next new dash board update, will it change my status from flagged to unflagged, kinda like uncripple my nand?
-after fix the nand if succeed, can you go on XBL using ix-tl+1.1(ok its commonsense still risk, but i mean its not gonna be as you go online, as you go baned, just the same as usual when using a not flagged/[banned doubt it could]console, so the risk is the usual or the dramatic with the flaged?)
-........ (cant remember more for the moment)

note: *this is not a tutorial* i guess it have better results if you dont go online right after banned*where begun this thread is kinda had pass sumtime nad no body answer*i'm as rookie as other user in this topic, so please dont ask me for support cuz me myself need support and info* please try to read and if you got i wrote a mistake PM me for edit, let the forum line open for possible answers*i tryed to make all relate to this topic i will appreciate futures answer relate to this topic too*i meant this just for reference, but if you/you guys can support sumbody if possible make a new post so people can get help showing their nand log and stuff
thanks to
wolfboy212 for the tut, and the idea for... and for the other forum wher i obtained some info.(*i dont mention them cuz i dont know if it is allowed and no consider as advertisement)and also all those whom wrote about their threat, and thanks in advance for those how will to help!!!
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