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Unsolved Unable to read NAND, getting an odd error?



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So yesterday I got my MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0 in the post and started the first half of my RGH on one of two consoles I have.
Followed the wiring diagram and installed the pre-installed wire kit which came with the flasher.
I used flux and decent solder, connections on the points were good connections with nothing touching each other. Was able to get the NAND read and it did 2 passes fine and stored the NAND in the output folder on my computer. I made the ECC and attempted to write the ECC but just got an 0xFFF error.
With the NAND flasher cables connected, Xbox does turn on but its just a flashing power button, unable to see anything on the screen at the moment as I am awaiting a HDMI cable.
I will attach images of the soldering below. I have two Xbox consoles, one Falcon and one Jasper.
Anyone know what the issue is?

Its not letting me add images, slightly annoying.
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