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Unsolved Unable to boot on HeXen.



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Hello everyone,

I received an OG xbox that i bought on internet in perfectly working conditions and never been opened, i have just finished the installation of an OpenXenium chip on it.

here some pictures of the installation just in case:

After the chip installation i have flash an EvoX m8+ .bin on it using the webServer, and now i try to boot on HeXEn for installing the dashboard on the HDD but here came the problem,
i start the consol, launch EvoX on the chip menu the animation show with the EvoX logo on the top left but after 20 to 30 seconds the Microsoft logo appears and finally boot on the default dashboard, i link a video in case i'm not clear.

For the DVD i use a Verbatim DVD-RW 4.7go, 4x speed vitesse.

I have try to:
- Burn the DVD on OSX with lowest speed (x2) and max speed (x4), not able to boot on HeXEn
- Burn the DVD on Windows using ImgBurn with lowest speed (x1) and max speed (x4) not able to boot on HeXEn
- Testing DVD drive with a legit xbox game no problems it launch with no issues.

Do you have any idea where the problem could come from or if there's another solution for installing a dashboard on the HDD ?!

the video:
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