Ultimate Horde Maps & Tactics Guide!


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Found this post on ac360 by Chr0n0 that it would be good to post up. Enjoi

Special Thanks to Flawless, and thanks to all the contributors listed below.

Thanks to: a trillionair, AgEnT STARZz, Akumario, BigT951, Caruto360, ChillcoRE, cool4joe, GTukC, Iv VeNoM vI, J Lew332, neeker75, rickyfeeney, RITCHI3-08, SebastianSB, Shipley0110, sjanuary99, spitefac3, Tastey Cake & Tommy English.

Maps In This Guide.


GENERAL TIPS (AKA Stating the Obvious).

1. Setup A Private Live Match (So can restart from your last wave).
2. Set Difficulty To Casual.
3. Let The Locust Come To You.
4. Use The Environment.
4a. Find A Good Area To Defend.
4b. Use Cover.
4c. Grenade Mine Doorways, Stairs etc.
4d. Plant Boomshields To Block Doorways etc.
5. Remeber To Pick up Planted Boomshields Before Killing The Last Locust So That They don't Vanish At The Start Of The Next Wave. You Can Down Him And Let Him Bleed Out While You Get Your Shields & Ammo.
6. Remember Ammo And Weapon Spawn Locations And Use Them.
7. Pick Up Locust Heavy Weapons Like The Grinder and Scorcher Whenever You Can.
8. Work Together.
8a. Don't Bunch Up, You Don't Want To Lose Half Of Your Team To A Boomshot or Ticker etc.



Provided By: Shipley0110.

Statue Method.

Run to the statue at the bottom of the mountain Where the avalanche comes from. From here you have a good view across the middle, can see down the corridors of the two buildings, and also the spawn points behind the buildings.

Have someone on either set of stairs to watch for attacks, and a couple scattered across the middle to pick off what they can.

Use the boomshield planted at the top of the stairs to barricade them in with a poison grenade half way down the stairs set as a proximaty.


Provided By: Tastey Cake.

Corridor Method.

Stay in the small corridor adjacent to the spawn where the boltok/gorgon spawn. Once the first mauler is down take his shield to block the doorway. From there all enemies are funneled up the staircase and can be gunned down.

4 people lancer/hammerburst and 1 shottys up front near the shield. The corridor is long enough to avoid any gas grenades that kantus may throw. After each round run out real quick and loot corpses for ammo.


Provided By: BigT951, Caruto360, J Lew332, neeker75, a trillionair, ChillcoRE, True I Skill.

One Balcony Method.

Go up the stairs and keep firing down at enemies, the ammo box spawns in the middle, inbetween the sets of cars.

There is always a super weapon (mortar, minigun, hammer of dawn) that respawns every 2-3 minutes.

When the big guys come out they will usually stand there in groups. Just stand on the top of the stairs and use the mortar to kill the whole group.

When the big shield guy comes out. Kill just one and you can stab that boom shield into the stairs and NONE will be able to come up at all.

Stay up against one of the signs, and ONLY aim at the stairs, only wait for an enemy to come. dont look over the edge and shoot.

Two Balcony Method.

Have half of your team stay on one balcony and the rest stay on the other. People say put the shield up, which you can, but 90% of the time you don't need it. Just have one person mowing them down when they came up the stairs.

The key factor is the hammer of dawn , and that usually spawns on the balcony.

Where the sniper/torque bow respawns there is a spot right behind the weapon where u can jump over and you have cover on both sides of you. hard to explain but you will know it when u see it. Stay there and pick them off with sniper/torque. Big guys won't be able to get you back there.

If you have five players, have one person to pick up the Sniper Rifle, and stick him on one of the stairs to snipe enemies. Another guy should alternate between the Hammer of Dawn (to kill slow, big guys from afar) and the Mortar (mass area kills). The other three keep their weapons, and two of them should always cover the staircases. One should go down to street level to check out locations of enemies and take out loose ones if possible.


Provided By: rickyfeeney, Tommy English.

Corner Method.

Hide in the little corners where the pistols are. Gun down anything that comes up the stairs or through the corridor area.

Tower Method.

Run to the tower opposite the Sniper spawn, put shields in backwards so the smaller locust don't kick the shields down. Put them at both ends of the stairwells to shut the bad guys out and then just hold the tower.


Provided By: AgEnT STARZz, Chr0n0.

Courtyard Stairs Method.

Start in a court yard and run up a flight of stairs to a block before the main court yard (with another set of stairs to the right) and stay there. Just have to make sure they dont respawn behind you at the start of a new wave! (have someone to stand in that court at the begining of a new wave).

Water Stairs Method.

A good area to defend is in the top left corner of the map as you face the water (The sea?).

Head down the stairs here at the far left and set up in the various covered positions. Nothing can hit you from behind as your back is to the water. Anything trying to hit you has to shoot long range through a gap in the wall or come down the stairs at you giving you plenty of warning.

As Locust bodies pile up, raid them for shields and weapons. Once about half the Locust are dead you should be able to advance and hold the stairs by having one team member on each pillar to the left and right of the stairs while the rest run up and take cover behind the statue at the top of the stairs. Plant Boomshields here and you will have a clear line on the remaining Locust as the run in from the other side of the map.


Provided By: Akumario, RITCHI3-08, SebastianSB

Seige Method.

Just get your team to stay on the 2nd floor and you will see the enemies 1 by 1 through the front door.

Use shields to block the entrance. The big guys can go around but they usually take a little while to realize that, so you can mow a few down. It's a pretty cramped level so most enemies tend to come at you in single file, regardless of their size.

Or try this spread with a Team of 5:

1-2 at the top of the stairs.
2 At the doors.
1 Helping Out.


Provided By: Chr0n0.

Holy Ground Method.

The church-like buildings on each side of the map are good for defending, just split up and cover both entrances.

Corridor Method.

There is a narrow corridor at the top centre of the map which you can close off with boomshields. Ammo respawns here in a little alcove in the middle of the corridor so you can stay here for quite a while.

If you start to get overrun at either of these locations just run to the other and set up there.


Provided By: Flawless Oddity, sjanuary99.

Barn Dance Method.

Get in one of the barns and set up two shields in front of the doors to keep the big guys from getting in. Stay in the barn and fire out the door, when you got one guy left go out and get ammo.

Every other round you get either infinite respawning torque bows or snipers in the barns so depending on where you start from you might want to make a run for the other barn after the first round or divide your team between the two.


Provided By: cool4joe, Iv VeNoM vI, SebastianSB, spitefac3.

Frickin' Laser! Method.

There are two laser areas on this map, a small one and a large one on the other side of the map. The large area has a mortar and a grinder. Head here and hit the switch to temporarily turn off the lasers while you all get inside. Stay here and defend. Some Locust will switch off the lasers but you should have a really easy time nonetheless.

Hide & Seek Method.

Hide in the back corners where the grenades spawn and put up an entire line of boomshields by the stairs going down. With grenades you can control the stairs pretty easily and only check the lasers every once in a while. Also in the back area where the other lasers are you can set 1 boomshield on each side and defend there.


Provided By: Chr0n0.

Grindin' In The Corner Method.

At the top of one set of stairs there is a corner room with a long enclosed corridor running off of it. In the corridor is a metal desk right near the corner room ideal for cover mounting a grinder and chewing up anything
coming that way.

In the corner room itself is a low wall which gives a great angle for covering the stairs with another grinder.

Grab some boomshields, plant one either side of the metal desk and another one next to the low wall and there you go, easily defended bolt hole.


Provided By: GTukC

Camping In The Subway Method.

You can camp at grenades on this map, just block off the stairs with a shield. Beware though as it gets harder as Kantus tend to lob ink grenades in at you.
Another good spot on Subway is to camp in the train just along the tracks from Torque, nothing can get in except drones.


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