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    Guide NOT by me. This guide is from Call of Duty : World at War Guide - COD - WaW.

    Parts edited by me.

    Please leave a thanks if you likey.

    Call of Duty : World at War Guide


    Rifles :

    SVT 40
    (level 1 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider, Aperture Sight , Telescopic Sight.
    Gewehr 43 (level 7 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Telescopic Sight , Rifle Grenade.
    M1 Garand (level 17 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade , Sniper Scope .
    STG - 44 (level 37 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider , Aperture Sight , Telescopic Sight
    M1A1 Carbine (level 65 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider , Aperture Sight , Bayonet , Box Magazine

    Bolt Action Rifles :

    Springfield (level 3 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade.
    Arisaka (level 4 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope, Bayonet , Rifle Grenade.
    Mosin Nagant (level 21 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade
    Kar98K (level 41 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade
    PTRS 41 (level 57 unlock) : Attachments - None. Already equipped with scope.

    Submachine Guns

    Thompson (level 1 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Round Drum.
    MP40 (level 10 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Duel Magazine.
    Type 100 (level 25 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Box Magazine.
    PPSH - 41 (level 53 unlock) : Attachments - Aperture Sight , Round Drum


    M1897 Trench Gun (unlock level 2) : Attachments - Grip, Bayonet.
    Double Barreled (unlock level 29) : Attachments - Grip , Sawed-off Shotgun.

    Machine Guns

    Type 99 (unlock level 1) : Attachments - Bipod , Bayonet .
    BAR (unlock level 4) : Attachments - Bipod.
    DP-28 (unlock level 13) : Attachments - Bipod
    MG42 (unlock level 33) : Attachments - Bipod
    FG42 (unlock 45) : Attachments - Bipod , Telescopic Sight.
    Browning M1919 (unlock level 61) : Attachments - Bipod.


    Nambu (unlock level 1)
    Walther P38 (unlock level 2)
    Colt M1911 (unlock level 3)
    Tokarev TT-38 (unlock level 21)
    .357 Magnum (unlock level 49)


    Frag Grenade
    Molotov c0cktail
    N 74 ST Grenade (sticky grenade)
    Smoke Grenade
    Tabun Gas Grenade
    Signal Flares

    Multiplayer Modes

    There are 3 categories of matches. They are :

    Core - The main mode of play.
    Hardcore - Weapons do more damage, and health does not regenerate. Limited HUD display as well.
    Officer's Club - ..Still an unknown and unavailable mode at this time.

    There are 10 modes of play. They are :

    Boot Camp - Team Deathmatch for Beginners.
    Free For All - Every man for themselves.
    Team Deathmatch - 2 teams of 6 fight it out. Top score wins.
    Capture the Flag - Capture the flag and bring it back to your base. (unlocked at level 14)
    War - Similar to Domination but you must capture the points in order. (unlocked at level 14)
    Domination - Dominate the 3 control points the longest to win. (unlocked at level 14)
    Sabotage - Plant explosives at the enemy's location. Respawn enabled until base is blown up. (unlocked at level 14)
    Search & Destroy - No respawns..plant the explosives at the enemies location. (unlocked at level 14)
    Headquarters - 2 teams fight to destroy the Headquarters. Respawns enabled and Headquarter location changes randomly throughout the game. (unlocked at level 14)
    Veteran Team Deathmatch for experienced players only.

    Prestige Mode

    Unlocked at level 65, Prestige Mode brings your level back to level 1 if you choose to do so.

    There are rewards.. You get more "Create a Class" slots , a new Prestige rank next to your name , and you unlock special Achievements. You can do Prestige over again at a maximum of 10 times.

    "Create a Class" slots unlocked per Prestige Mode :

    Slot 6 : unlocked at the first level of Prestige
    Slot 7 : unlocked at the 2nd level of Prestige
    Slot 8 : unlocked at the 4th level of Prestige
    Slot 9 : unlocked at the 7th level of Prestige
    Slot 10 : unlocked at the 10th level of Prestige.

    This is rumored to be the list of the new 10 prestige symbols for World at War -


    Multiplayer Maps

    Airfield - Size = Large , Vehicles = No.
    Asylum - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
    Castle - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
    Cliffside - Size = Large , Vehicles = No.
    Courtyard - Size = Small , Vehicles = No.
    Dome - Size = Small , Vehicles = No.
    Downfall - Size = Large , Vehicles = Yes.
    Hangar - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
    Makin - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
    Outskirts - Size = Large , Vehicles = Yes.
    Roundhouse - Size = Large , Vehicles = Yes.
    Seelow - Size = Large , Vehicles = Yes.
    Upheaval - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.

    Kill Streak Bonus -

    Kill 3 Enemies in a row - Recon Plane will display enemies on your team's radar.

    Kill 5 Enemies in a row - Activates an Artillery Strike you can place anywhere on the map.

    Kill 7 Enemies in a row - You send out an angry pack of Dogs against the enemy.


    Perk 1 Slot -

    Special Grenades X 3 (unlock level 1) : Provides 3 of your choice of special grenades. (tabun gas, signal flares )
    Satchel Charge X2 (unlock level 1) : A powerful explosive similar to C4.
    M9A1 Bazooka X2 (unlock level 2) : Shoulder-Fired Rocket Launcher
    Bomb Squad (unlock level 16) : Allows you to see explosive devices planted anywhere on the map. Great perk to use if you keep running into those annoying Bouncing Betties.
    Bouncing Betty X2 (unlock level 24) : WW2 era stuff. Same effect as Claymores had in COD4. Running anywhere close to them will trigger them to explode.
    Bandolier (unlock level 40) : Provides additional ammo for both your primary and secondary weapons.
    Primary Grenades X2 (unlock level 44) : Gives you 2 primary grenades instread of 1. Grenades, Sticky Grenades, or Molotov c0cktails can be used.
    M2 Flamethrower (unlock level 65) : A great close-quarter weapon. A lot of fun, but be careful it does overheat.

    Perk 2 Slot -

    Stopping Power (unlock level 1) : Increases the amount of damage each bullet does.
    Fireworks (unlock level 1) : Increases the damage and radius of all explosives.
    Flak Jacket (unlock level 1) : Basically it reduces the amount of explosive damage you take from Grenades, Bouncing Betties, Satchel Charges.
    Gas Mask (unlock level 2) : Protects you from Tabun Gas grenades. No more dizzyness.
    Juggernaut (unlock level 4) : Lets you absorb more bullet damage. Beware, people online may call you a "Juggernaut Noob" if ya use this one. [​IMG]
    Camouflage (unlock level 12) : Keeps you hidden off of enemy radar as long as you dont fire your weapon. Use a suppressor to be ultra stealthy.
    Sleight of Hand (unlock level 28 ) : Makes your reload speed much quicker.
    Shades (unlock level 32) : Keeps you from being blinded by signal flares.
    Double Tap (unlock level 36) : Increases the firing rate of your weapon.
    Overkill (unlock level 56) : Replaces your pistol with an additional primary weapon.

    Perk 3 Slot -

    Deep Impact (unlock level 1) : Great bullet penetration.
    Extreme Conditioning (unlock level 1) : Allows you to sprint longer.
    Steady Aim (unlock level 1) : Increases weapon accuracy when firing from the hip. (not scoped)
    Toss Back (unlock level 7) : Resets grenade fuse to 3 seconds..giving you plenty of time to throw it back.
    Second Chance (unlock level 10) : Gives you a second chance at life. Your knocked down but you can still use your pistol. You'll either bleed out over time or you can get revived by another teammate. There is a new feature with "world at war's" version. If you and another teammate(s) have this perk on, you can revive each other. You both MUST have the perk on to be able to revive though.
    Martyrdom (unlock level 20) : Drops a grenade from your body after you die.
    Fireproof (unlock level 48 ) : Reduces fire damage from all burning objects.
    Dead Silence (unlock level 52) : Makes you run silently. No loud footsteps anymore. Great for sneaking up on your opponent.
    Iron Lungs (unlock level 60) : You can hold your breathe & keep your scope steady for longer periods of time. Only useful with sniper rifles.
    Reconnaissance (unlock level 64) : Allows you to see Dogs, Artillery Strikes , or Enemy Tanks on your map. Very useful if atleast 1 person on your team has this perk enabled.

    Single Player Campaign Missions (Xbox 360 , PS3 , PC )

    1. Semper Fi
    2. Little Resistance
    3. Hard Landing
    4. Vendetta
    5. Their Land , Their Blood
    6. Burn 'em out
    7. Relentless
    8. Blood and Iron
    9. Ring of Steel
    10. Eviction
    11. Blackcats
    12. Blowtorch & Corkscrew
    13. Breaking Point
    14. Heart of the Reich
    15. Downfall
    16. Nazi Zombies (bonus)

    Death Cards ( for single player )

    1. Undead Soldier : Effects - Enemies come back from the dead. Located close to the beginning of the "Eviction" mission. Its well hidden inside a drop-down location against the wall.
    2. Suicide King : Effects - Fire explosive pistol rounds while downed. Located near the middle of the "Hard Landing" mission. Its in a building on the lower level.
    3. Vampire : Effects - You can only regenerate your health by getting kills. Located near the middle of the "Burn em out" mission. Its near the back area of a bunker just before the second mortar position. Its a bit difficult to see as its hiding in the shadows.
    4. Body Armor : Effects - Enemies die by headshot only. Located near the middle of the "Ring of Steel" mission. The card is located next to a dead soldier in the exterior section of the asylum. Right next to a wall connected to the asylum.
    5. Painkiller : Effects - Shoot co-op teammates to revive them. Located close to the beginning-middle of the "Blowtorch & Corkscrew" mission. Its on the left well as you advance to the second bunker. Look for a soldier hanging upside down along the wall.
    6. Flak Jacket : Effects - Enemies take less explosive damage. Located near the end of the "Relentless" mission. It doesnt matter which passage you take, as the death card is located after that. Its midway down the hall in a corridor that connects the paths.
    7. Thunder : Effects - Headshots cause enemies to explode. Located in the beginning in "Semper Fi". Its in a shack right at the start.
    8. Sticks & Stones : Effects - Your weapon arsenal consists of a knife and a bunch of rockets. Near the end of the "Their Land , Their Blood" mission. Its hidden inside the barn. Search the stalls next to a dead soldier and a couple of dead cows.
    9. Paintball : Effects - Gunfire turns a little more colorful. Located in the beginning of the "Heart of the Reich" mission. Its located in a closed off subway entrance opposite of your start location.
    10. Cold Dead Hands : Effects - Enemies take their weapons with them to the grave. Located in the beginning of the "Vendetta mission". Its located behind the bar, inside the first building Reznov takes you through.
    11. Hard Headed : Effects - Enemies take less bullet damage. Located near the end of the mission in "Little Resistance". Its just outside the final building to the right of the entrance.
    12. Berserker : Effects - Get 3 kills in 5 seconds to unleash Berserker. Located near the middle of the "Breaking Point" mission. After clearing all 4 mortar pits, look in the small shack located in the south of the area.
    13. Victory : Effects - Limited HUD , Friendly Fire = on , Bleed Out time is cut in half. Located near the beginning of the "Downfall" mission. Between the staircase and the theater, your soldiers break through a door on your right. Inside, find the last Death Card.

    Zombie Mode - Nazi Zombies ( for single player )

    This is a bonus level you unlock after beating World at War on any difficulty. You can play this on single player or co-op. You basically have to deal with unending waves of zombies on the attack. A very cool mode to say the least.
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