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Hello, and welcome to my Fortress Craft Tutorials.

In this thread I will attempt to get a lot of TuTs for the game.

I will not add "How to Get FC for Free" in here. This game should be bought. It's piracy, and it's only 240MSP.

If you need a TuT for FC and it's not here, Post and I'll add one. If you have a TuT and it's not here, PM me.

1. How to Back-up/Save Your World:

You will need:
-USB, Memory Stick or a External Hardrive with at least 256 MB of Storage.
-XBox 360 and Fortress Craft

2. Making Relics Easier to Find:
dig a hole 3/4 deep then put field of view in the controls settings to as far zoomed out as possible,then jump in your hole(xD) And go into third person!

3. Controls:

A = Jump
B = Unused
X = Delete Blocks
Y = Third Person

RB = Place Blocks, TNT, Torches/Lamps.
LB = Delete Blocks.
RT = Only used with the DPAD
LT = Only used with the DPAD

DPAD = Scroll Through different Blocks you can use.
DPAD + LT/RT = Scroll though More Blocks.

Left Stick = Move around.
Right Stick = Position to where you are moving.
Press Left Stick = Information on your World/Player. (Time played, Blocks built, Packets etc.
Press Right Stick = )Look at a Block, then Press LS. This will then make block you're Looking at the Selected Block to use.

4. How to use the CMD Prompt in FC:

press SHIFT on your keyboard/chatpad

CMD Codes:

Command - What the command does.


Help - Displays commands

Clear text from CMD:

CLS - Clears command screen.

How to add water:

addwater iamnotafraid - adds water to highlighted spot, be careful with this one.

Spawn commands:

Spawn cats - Just spawns matrix cube aka nothing.

Spawn minecarthighdetailmetal - Spawns metal minecart, minecart doesn't do anything.

Spawn minecarthighdetailwood - Spawns wood minecart, minecart doesn't do anything.

Spawn verticaltorch - Spawns a normal looking torch but it only makes the torch noise no light is given off.

Spawn electriclight - Spawns a electric light no light is given off but it is larger.

Spawn trackstraight - Spawns straight minecart track, track does nothing.

Spawn trackcorner - Spawns corner minecart track, track does nothing.

Spawn destructoray - Spawns Ray gun relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn freezeray - Spawns Freeze ray relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn jetpack - Spawns Jetpack relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn speedboots - Spawns Speed boots relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn SpringBoots - Spawns Spring boots relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn Waterboots - Spawns Water Walk relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn Nightvisiongoggles - Spawns Night Vision relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn MinersHelmet - Spawns Head Light relic you can't pick it up.

Spawn tntdetonator - Spawns Tnt Detonator relic you can't pick it up.


echo "enter whatever text here" - No quote marks displays whatever text in the cmd.


pos ???? - I'm not sure how to use this one but it sets location.


Time # - Elapses amount of time of the number you entered.

Time 100 - Night time.

Time 900 - Day time.


SetTnt # Confirm - Sets TNT explosion size, can cause instability WARNING!


fill <block> X Y Z - Fills with the block you put in the size you entered.

fill suggest - Displays some block suggestions.


Screenshot - Might takes screenshot, no way to view yet.


SetMaxPlayers - Supposed to set max layers, haven't had time to test if it works.


FPS - Displays fps in top right corner


tr day - Nothing as far as I can tell.
tr night - Nothing as far as I can tell.

5. The Relics and what they do:

Black Smoke - Activated in the "Macinima" Settings. - Turns you into Smoke.

Speed Boots - Walk 2x as fast.

Jump Boots - Jump higher than normal.

Jetpack - Fly around the map, easy to control. (Use LS+RS)

Night Vision - See in dark places.

RayGun - Delete blocks fast. (Use either LB/RB)

Water Walk - Walk on water. (Water is at the Spawn)

Head Light - See in dark places. Better than the Night Vision. (Always useful when digging)

TNT Detonator - Used to blow up your TNT when placed.

Contributer AXE - This is given to contributers.

Freeze Tag - The Server becomes a game of tag. You will have an objective of shooting the FreezeGun at someone, and when you have shot them, they are on it.

Notes for this are:
- Buildings disabled, even if you are on it or not.
- Nametags disabled.
- When shot you get frozen, and walk slow. (Gives time for others to get away)
- Relics are also disabled.
- The Host of the servers can only start and end the game. (Quit to title.)

To activate > Press Start > Goto Relics > Select them on/off. If they are "Locked" then refer to Number 2 to help you find them.

6. How to Join a Friends game:

1. Make sure your "Gamer Zone" is set to your mates who you want to join.
So if his Gamer Zone is PRO and yours is Ungerground, change yous to PRO.
2. When that is done, make sure you go to "Join World" and Show friends only. Most of the time your Mates will appear on top.

Congratualtions, you may now Join you Friends World.

7. The different types of Bricks/Misc:


Fortresscraft is a world composed of one cubic meter blocks. The randomly generated landscapes provide a variety of different block materials. There are 32 types of blocks available in Chapter 1 as of release.

8. How to Contribute to Fortress Craft:

Fortress Craft is a community crafted game. DjArcas is constantly speaking with the community to see what YOU want. How can you contribute?

Fortress Craft Official Forums
The official forums are the best way to not only interact with the community, but also to be noticed. Suggestion threads serve a place for whatever ideas you may have, as well as a discussion forum in which you can ask questions or just show your excitement! Please make sure to read the forum rules, do not spam or trash talk, and enjoy the time you have there!

Developer Forums
The Developer forum is THE most up to date forum regarding release date, and any new features that will be in the game. DjArcas more frequently uses this forum, as well as have contests from time to time. This forum is NOT the place to go if you want to make friends and small talk, use the official forums for that. Be respectful to those around you and follow the rules as always.

9. How to Delete Torches/Lamps:

Place a block on the light then delete the block

10. How to spawn water using the CMD:

Addwater iamnotafraid

11. How to buy FortressCraft:

I have saw some posts about how to download FC, so I just added this.

You can do it via the XBL website here:

(Starts Downloading when you next sign in on your Account.)


Or you can do it on your console and:

Goto the Game Marketplace > Game Demos > Indie Game > "F" and Download.

12. Flooding your World without a Keyboard.

1. Must have TNT Detonator.
2. Plant TNT on Block at the top of the Spawn point
3. Wait for it explode.
4. Now that it has exploded, leave and join back to your world.

Make sure you SAVE your WORLD onto a USB when DOING this.

Well done, it's flooded, and now you have a Laggy world.

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Thanks man this help alot :biggrin:

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Try removing a couple of spaces its a bit big, other than that nice post :wink:
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