Ultimate fix your PC Guide :3

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    Software used in this guide:
    TuneUp Utilities w / Serial : Link Here
    CCleaner : Link here
    Malwarebytes : Link here

    Select a anti-virus below :
    Avast : Link here
    KasperSky : Link here

    Tuneup Utilites :

    1) Download the torrent
    2) Update it to latest version
    3) Enter serial
    4) Open up Tuneup 1-Click Maintenence
    5) Let it run then press Ok on the bottom let it do it.

    CCleaner :

    1) Run CCleaner Scan
    2) Analyze it .
    3) Click Run Cleaner
    4) Your done .

    Malwarebytes :

    1) Run MB
    2) Update it to newest version
    3) Perform the full scan
    4) View the report & delete all selected .

    Let me know if this helped you or if you need help contact me
    Aim : thatBargain​

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