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  1. jrob922

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    Me and my brother have been struggling with this problem forever. For some reason, we just can't play XBL at the same time. Basically what happens is when one of us gets online the other gets disconnected. I have read so much about this and I've tried EVERYTHING but nothing seems to work. We are both using wired connections, and I'm running a linksys router, which is supposed to be great for gaming, so I'm very confused as to why we're having this problem.

    I've tried setting a static IP to one of our xboxes and port forwarding, didn't work. Enabling DMZ and uPnP does nothing. I recently read about port triggering which sounds like it would work, seeing as how it opens the selected ports for all devices on a network, but once again no luck. I'm starting to wonder if this is a problem with my ISP, not my home network.

    Anyway, here are my current router settings:
    Port triggering for ports 53, 80, 88, and 3074
    DMZ disabled
    uPnP Enabled
    MTU 1364

    Is it possible that this is happening because my router or internet connection isn't good enough? That's really the only other cause I can think of...
  2. xxxzelda101xxx

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    Sounds like a problem within the routers settings. It shouldn't be a connection problem, as I only have a 3mbit download/.6mbit upload and I can play fine with 2 xbox 360 on xbox live with my Linksys router (WRT120N). Have you made sure each xbox has its own static local IP?
  3. dudeeitsbrian

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    why are you using port triggering? i'm not very good with networking but i'm pretty sure that could be causing the problem. on your router, reserve both of the xbox's a static ip based on their mac addresses. after you've reserved the ip addresses, go ahead and enable the dmz and put one of the xbox's ip addresses in the dmz. then using port forwarding (not port triggering), forward the required ports to the other ip address you reserved for the other xbox (the one not in the dmz).

    whatever you do, always use the automatic settings on the xbox as i've found this works much better. if you've messed around with the settings just go ahead and reset the network settings to default on both of the xbox's.

    good luck!
  4. Bar Starred

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    Undo everything you have done thus far.

    Enable uPnP.
    Enable DMZ.
    Check your NAT settings and make sure they are open.

    Try one xbox's connection.

    Try the other.

    Try them both at the same time.
  5. OP

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    Yea I've set a static IP to both of them and it still doesn't work. I've even tried setting a static DNS server, once with both xboxes on the same DNS server and another time with both xboxes on different DNS servers.

    How do you do that?
  6. XRC

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    Who's your Internet Provider?

    What is your Internet download speed?

    Maybe I can help

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