[TUTS] How to make sexy Forge stuff! Forge recipes!

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  1. Lulu

    Lulu     Retired

    This TUT was made by Dark Core, none of the videos are his but they were found by him.

    Okay children, gather 'round the fire and I'll tell you all about my experiences with Forge. You see children, I used to be a pro forger, and for everything I know, I want to pass it on to others. I know too much to let it all go. I will be showing you perfect examples for how to do just about every Forge thing you can imagine.

    Basics: To make an item spawn in another, place the first item, press 'X' and set "Place as start:" and set to 'No'. Start a new round and spawn the other item where you want it. You can use respawn points or fusion coils to mark where you want to place the item.

    Forge: Grav Lift Door. (Dumpsters):

    Now, I will be showing you how to make a door that's VERY easy to make. (With a video and step-by-step)

    Recipe: What you need:

    > Open Single Box
    > Two dumpsters
    > 6 fence walls
    > 1 Weapon holder
    > 1 DEPLOYABLE grav lift
    > (Optional) A gun to make it defensive/security?

    How to cook it: All-Out TUT

    To start, spawn the open single box, place it where you'd like a door to be. Put 2 fence walls around the box, not on the openings. Then, put a dumpster facing away from the crate, right at the opening of the crate. Set the box to not respawn at start for 120 seconds. Now start a new round. Now put 2 NEW fence walls and stick them in between the dumpster and other fence walls. Make the new walls line up with the dumpster. Delete the OLD walls!! Now spawn another dumpster in front of the first one, facing the same direction. Spawn a fence wall and line it up so that it's against the 2 fence walls. Place another fence wall on top of the two fence walls to make it look like a ceiling. Now delete the second dumpster, not the first one!! Place a weapon holder inside the box, and put a grav lift in it. Now you can open the door with the grav lift whenever you feel like it. IF YOU EVER FELT LOST IN MY TUT, AND CANNOT GET THIS TO WORK, HERE IS THE VIDEO!!! Enjoy!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGPkkK0I4m4"]YouTube - Halo 3 - Forge door tutorial[/ame]

    Forge: Recipe for an elevator!


    > 2 Man Cannons
    > About 4-5 Fence walls
    > 1 Regenerator
    > A crate

    How to cook it: Step-by-Step TUT

    1.> Spawn 2 fence walls, place them against a flat wall, make sure they're not crooked.
    2.> Spawn 2 man cannons, place them against the fence walls, except make the blue stream face upwards and in the fence walls. So flip them upside-down, then place them on the wall.
    3.> Stack another fence wall up on the first set.
    4.> Place a deployable regenerator in the middle of the elevator on the floor.
    5.> (Optional) Spawn another fence wall, and slant it at a 45-60* angle. You may use a crate to balance the fence wall or you can save changes and end it, and reload. It will be floating.
    6.> Video! Enjoy!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGPkkK0I4m4"]YouTube - Halo 3 - Forge door tutorial[/ame]

    The Hardest One to do: Switch/Button:

    > 2 Double Walls
    > 2 Walls
    > 1 Dumpster
    > 1 Man Cannon
    > 2 Doors
    > 1 Custom Powerup
    > 1 grav lift
    > 2 Fusion Coils
    > A helluva lot of patience!

    Recipe: All out TUT:

    *This is, by far, the hardest forge trick in the game. It takes lots of time and patience, so be aware and don't get frustrated if you phail the first time.*

    Okay, first, you spawn a wall. Then, spawn 2 double walls and put them on the sides of the wall. Then spawn another wall and enclose the double walls, making it a rectangle. Spawn a dumpster inside the rectangle, and place 2 doors on top of it. Delete the dumpster, or move outside the wall where the dumpster was. Put a man cannon in between the first door and the wall, and then place a grav lift, set it to Spawn at Start: yes. And set the Respawn Rate: Never. The wall where the man cannon is, should be set to Spawn at Start: No. Respawn Time: 90. Now if you haven't already, set a dumpster where the wall should be, and then spawn a custom powerup and line it up EXACTLY with the end of the double wall. So yellow outline, end of double wall. Wait for the wall to respawn, and set 2 Fusion Coils on top of the custom powerup. Make sure the Fusion Coils are willing to sit on the powerup without falling. Now once you think you have it perfect, place a double wall on top of the rectangle, and change the spawning of the wall. Here is the video, and it will be much more clear than my explanation.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfkEBlgB6BE"]YouTube - Halo 3 Forge - How to make a Button[/ame]

    Recipe: Powerup Death Machine

    Ingredients: (2 Ways)
    First Way:
    > Powerup
    > Dumpster
    > 2 Walls
    > Receiver Node (Teleporter)
    > Man Cannon

    Second Way:
    > Powerup
    > 3 Window Panels
    > Wall
    > Sign B
    > Dumpster
    > Man Cannon

    Recipe: All Out TUT
    First Way:
    Spawn a dumpster, then spawn 2 walls around it. Put a teleporter on top, then a powerup in front. Set a man cannon on the other side of the dumpster. Have an idiot run over it and die. No video needed, and the right kind of video does not exist, sorry!

    Second Way:
    Spawn a wall, spawn a B Sign in the middle of the wall. Spawn a dumpster against the B Sign, then surround the dumpster with Window Panels. Make the B Sign not spawn at the start. Then start a new round. Spawn a man cannon where the sign would be. Then wait for the Sign to respawn. Delete the wall, and delete the Sign if you want. Video! Enjoy!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE_tmWCv9nY&feature=channel"]YouTube - Halo 3 Forge - Invis Death machine[/ame]

    If there is any requests for a new recipe, or you want to see one done, request with a post, no PMs. And if you still don't understand, send J4CK H3RN3 a friend request and I'll try to show you personally if I have the time.



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  2. F4x

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    Very nice and actually, I didn't know any of these. :tongue: One thing though, the first and second vids are the same vid. You might want to go and put the right vid for the elevator...
  3. Tombstoned

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    the elevator and the button. genius. *golf clap:thumbup:*
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  5. hoss halo3 modder

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    Have an idea ushould make one where u can geo merging and interlocking the same object

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