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*Tutorial* Unlimited Ammo, and Unlimited Health

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Modding' started by Gig, Aug 15, 2009 with 4 replies and 1,401 views.

  1. Gig

    Gig Chance The Rapper

    How To Get Unlimited Ammo, and Unlimited Heath

    Some People still don't know how to get Unlimited Ammo, and Unlimited Health to work. So I have decided to make a tutorial of it. It is very simple so i don't need to use pictures.
    Doing the steps below will make all mods work even if they didn't used to.

    1. You must enable screenshot mode or NoClip Mode (Click Here for Tutorial)

    2. Go to Solo > Mission Select > Chose any zombies you want > then start a game

    3. Hit X on your controller and at the top it will say something like "unknown umd screenshotreset" (it could be something else but just press X at the start)

    4. Now press start, and save and quit (This will create a zombie save)

    5. Now go to your computer, and get the savegame.svg file from your Hard Drive and put it on your desktop (can be anywhere)

    6. Open cod tool and choose Unlimited Ammo, Infinite Health and any other mods you want.

    7. Put the savegame.svg file back into hard drive

    8. Go back to COD > choose solo > the click resume game (it should load up zombies, and all your mods will be there)

    If you are using someone else's gamesave to do this, make sure to resign and rehash to your profile id, and console id.

  2. NewClioSMaxim

    NewClioSMaxim Enthusiast

    Very easy, nobody should go wrong :thumbup:
    good tut
    i'll just add for the people who may be getting stuck...

    if your using someone elses gamesave make sure to rehash/resign YOUR Profile ID and Console ID, this can be done using Modio, this would need to be done just before step 7.
  3. brokentwice

    brokentwice Enthusiast

    This Works In zombie coop private matchs?

    I cant seem to get them to work. Everything else does but not unlimited ammo and health
  4. xXMockeyXx

    xXMockeyXx Enthusiast

    Hm. Good job?

    Next time, use the search bar, I wrote a tutorial on this quite some time ago.
  5. PonyDx

    PonyDx Enthusiast

    Yea... this seems like a pointless Tutorial since its been done before and its not infinite health or ammo... even on Solo the ammo doesnt work (at least not all the time) and you have to get juggernog for the unlimited health and even that isnt unlimited... after like 20 hits youll be dead.

    if this was a CoOp Tut, which its not... then it might be :thumbup: but its:thumbdown: sorry.

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