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Tutorial for get level raise up so faster

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Support Archive' started by Native Pride 1988, Aug 9, 2018 with 3 replies and 250 views.

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  1. Native Pride 1988

    Native Pride 1988 Senior Member

    -I'm obsession and addiction with higher level lol.

    Note: Must have two consoles and must on 24/7 daily on AFK RP on Capture Playlist.

    Note: Go to Creator then Go to Contend, you can make your own Contend then Put two circle of stunt prop then put 7 briefcases on one circle of stunt prop & put 5 briefcases on one circle of stunt prop. Test it and of course its taking 15 second to complete. You can make copy but must Test all of 15 copies reply because R* patched simple of 15 copies without Test.
    *Just remember the money is not good but RP and level will raise up so faster.

    (Chart of level)
    Level 1 - 1000 (Taking two months)
    Level 1000 - 2000 (Taking two months)
    Level 2000 - 3000 (Taking four months)
    Level 3000 - 4000 (Taking four months)
    Level 4000 - 5000 (Taking four months)
    Level 5000 - 6000 (Taking four months)
    Level 6000 - 7000 (Taking four months)
    Level 7000 - 8000 (Taking four - five months)

    *Thats how my second account are on level 2956 and halfway to level 3000. Past April I was on level 2000 to level 3000 this month.
    *My third account are on level 1544 and halfway to level 1600. Few month ago I was on level 203 to level 1000.

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    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  2. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️Friend of the Devil☠️ Staff

    Awesome brother:wink:
    Lots of AFK:smile:
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  3. EyeDuDab

    EyeDuDab ...But Those Are All Piping Dreams!

    Here is an old clip of mine to accompany your text tutorial :wink:

    The video is much longer than it needs to be, but very detailed with all the tips :smile:
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  4. OP
    Native Pride 1988

    Native Pride 1988 Senior Member


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