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    The software in this tutorial can be found HERE

    Make a banshee with no cab (top part):
    this is the easiest mod to do because it involves no markers or even coordinate manipulation. However, if you wish to do a thorough job, it does include nulling out markers.
    1. open up insolence.
    2. open the map you wish to mod
    3. click on the mode tag
    4. double click on the objects\vehicles\banshee\banshee tag. This will open it in the tag editor.
    5. click on the word bones.
    6. go to bone 1 (cab) by opening the dropdown box and selecting it.
    7. double click the value to the right of the words "Parent (index)."
    8. change this to -1 (since 0 is the hull, -1 means no parent. If a bone has no parent, it is not connected to anything, and will disappear from the model)
    9. if you want to be thorough, go into the markers tab and null out all markers that have to do with the cab. This should but may not allow you to completely remove the cab from the model, so that you can walk there as if nothing is there (you can already shoot through it if you null out the bone)

    congratulations, you are done!

    Make a wraith float higher:
    Fun little ditty this is if you can get it up. All that you are doing is moving the markers for the antigravity parts down. You should not notice a difference between rides, but if you do, it is because we only alter four of the six antigravity markers.
    1. open up insolence.
    2. go to the map you wish to mod
    3. open up the mode tag
    4. double click the objects\vehicles\wraith\wraith tag, opening it in the tag editor
    5. whether or not you choose to go into dev mode is fine, but you don't need it
    6. click on the word marker
    7. the markers you will want to modify are 20,22,30, and 32.
    8. open up the dropdown box in the marker tab and scroll down to twenty. Click on it.
    9. click the word coordinates to bring up the final tab. collapse tabs to give yourself room if necessary.
    10. Here's where we actually do something. double click the value to the right of the name "z." then, change the value to whatever you want. keep in mind that you only have a little room to work with if you want the wraith to rise up fully on its own accord. Otherwise, you will have to drive it over a jump of some sort, which will be very tricky with only two antigravity markers touching the ground.
    11. do the same for numbers 22,30 and 32.
    12. 21 and 31 are left the same to boost you up to the initial height, and hopefully, allow the other markers enough room to get above the ground.
    13. depending on if this is a new map or not, fix the signature in insolence. If it is new, go to cool spots app, or any other that fixes new map signatures.
    14. close all apps and ftp your new map.
    15. test the wraith to make sure it is to your liking. If not, change the values.

    Congratulations, you're done!

    making a spectre way above the ground:
    This is a fun mod that can take away some of the sting about not being able to make a monster truck warthog. This is essentially the same thing, just that it works. In this guide, I will not be telling you how to move all the markers so that you don't hit where the spectre used to be (i.e. you can walk under it), not because I don't want to, but because I don't know. However, I do believe that it has to do with markers that have indirect in front of them; the target is for targeting, like making a rocket homing or turning your reticle red. I believe indirect is for everything else, like meleeing and hitting objects.
    1. open up insolence
    2. open up the map you wish to modify.
    3. click on the mode tag
    4. double click on the objects\vehicles\spectre\spectre. this will open it in the tag editor.
    5. click on the word Bone.
    6. now, we are going to change every bone's height except for the two antigrav arms, bones three and four.
    7. go through every bone by opening the dropdown box at the top of the tab and selecting the next bone in succession, adding a constant value to its z coordinate.
    8. Now for the trickier part. Moving this vehicle up is a major pain in the butt because there are many markers you must move as well. Well, let's get to it.
    9. click on the word Marker.
    10. in this tab, open up the dropdown box and scroll/select the following marker numbers, adding the same value to their z coordinate as you did in step seven: 0-3, 10, 12-14, 17, 18, 20-22, 25-29, 31, 33, and 35-38. If you want to experiment with the indirects, they are numbers 4-9. If you find you are having trouble with the cameras, you may need to lower your ride. As of now, I do not believe there is a way to modify camera height not listed in the marker section.
    11. test your spectre. If you do not like it, change the values.

    Congratulations, you are done!

    warthog suspension is (almost) always straight:
    This mod spawned from testing markers to see if you can make a monster truck. As far as I can tell, the ability to drive the warthog seems to be "married" with the warthog's hull bone, meaning that some markers move when the warthog's hull bone is moved. At first, I had my warthog chassis up about twelve feet in the air, as well as the markers for the turret, driver, and passenger. This resulted in the wheels being embedded halfway into the ground, and the warthog impossible to drive. However, when I moved the hull bone back down to its original position, moved the wheel markers up a little bit (because I thought they controlled movement), but left everything else the same (you are floating above the warthog twelve feet up), the warthog would drive. Interestingly, it would drive with the suspension always taught. That is where we get this guide.

    1. open up insolence.
    2. open up the map you wish to mod.
    3. click on the mode tag.
    4. double click on the objects\vehicles\warthog\warthog tag. This will open it in the tag editor.
    5. click on the word markers.
    6. in the markers tab, open up the dropdown box. we will be modifying markers 27, 28, 41, and 42. To lock only the front, modify 28 and 42, and vice versa for the back.
    7. scroll down and click on the number twenty-seven in the dropdown box.
    8. click on the word coordinates to open up the final tab.
    9. double click on the values to the right of the name "z."
    10. bring this value up by 0.1 to 0.3; I have mine up by 0.1.
    11. do this for numbers 28, 41, and 42.
    12. test your ride. if it does not drive, please tell me. if you don't like it, change the values accordingly.

    congratulations, you are done!

    Found By The Reepr
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    1 of the few tuts i might use lol
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    is this for xbox 360 or pc? what is insolence? a dev kit program? oh lol too many questions. i iz a noob :smile: plz help
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    it's for the original xbox. insolence is a modding program.
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    nice it worked... i couldnt do it in insolence tho there was no word "coordinates" i used H2x
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    where is the word coordinates in insolence?
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    OP Updated with link to software

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