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    Alright, I am going to assume you already have the Homebrew Channel installed.

    Things Needed:
    SD Card
    An application to install, I'm going to be using FTPii
    WinRAR (not always needed)


    1. Download your application and extract the folder with a .dol file in it from the .zip or .rar file. If it is a .rar file, you need WinRAR.

    2. Create a folder in the root of your SD card named "apps", without the quotation marks. Then put the folder you extracted earlier in the apps folder. Now you should have X:\apps\Y, where X is your SD card and Y your application. Mine looks like F:\apps\FTPii


    3. (Optional) Eject or safely remove your SD card by right clicking on it and selecting eject or safely remove.


    4. Remove your SD card from your computer and put it in your Wii. If you haven't already done so, turn on your Wii.

    5. Launch the Homebrew Channel. Find the app you just put on your SD card and click on it. It will ask you if you want to start the app. Click yes.

    6. Congrats! Your app should have started up!


    Q: Where can I get apps?
    A: A list of apps can be found here.


    Written by Nothinbeter2do from Se7ensins.com
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    Cool, :smile: i am interested in this one a lot, seems easy enough to do :smile:

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