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Discussion [TUT] Howto: unbrick Droid x


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note* I did not find this, just passing it along...

Windows Instructions:

  1. Download RSD Lite (credit to MyDroidWorld)
  2. Install the RSDLite 4.7 program by double clicking on the program.
  3. Move the pst_flash.ini file into the following folder --> Program Files/Motorola/RSDLite
  4. Install the drivers that apply to your Operating System.
  5. Unzip the SBF into a folder. (Download Above)
  6. Open RSD Lite and find the UNZIPPED SBF
  7. Put your Motorola Droid X into bootloader. (turn phone off and hold volume down and the camera button while pressing the power button)
  8. Click start and sit back.
Note: after the flash will need to boot into recovery (hold volume down and the home button) and wipe data and cache.

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